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Casting a non-union short film “Serenity”

EastWest Films is casting a Non-union short, “Serenity,” which will be
entered into a contest on youtube. “Serenity” centers around the day
Jack gets laid off from his job. He may have lost his job, but he
never loses his temper. Jack makes a new friend, Michael, in a metro
slug line and learns that with an open mind and patience, he’s going
to be just fine.

If you are passionate about your career and want to gain valuable
experience working with a talented, professional group, please come
and be a part of a creative team, who genuinely enjoy the filmmaking

Audition type: Cold Read from script

Project type: Non-Union short (No pay, but meals, imdb credit and
youtube exposure will be provided.)

Casting date: Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 11am-3pm

Casting location: McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA

Shoot date: One weekend TBD in August

Produced by: EastWest Films

Written by award winning writer: Clark B. McMillian, Jr.

Director: Diana Villamonte

Director of Photography: Frank E. Jackson, Jr.

Please email the director to set up an estimated audition time and to
let us know the character/character’ s you are interested in reading
for at serenityshort@gmail.com

Character Breakdown:

JACK – Male, 35-45, Any Ethnicity, soft spoken, likeable,
hardworking. Jack gets laid off after working at the same company for
over 10 years. Instead of getting upset and causing a scene, Jack is
quiet and introspective. Jack communicates entirely through facial
expressions and body language. Must be able to say it all with a

MICHAEL – Male, late 60-70, Hispanic (but will consider other
ethnicities) Very outgoing and friendly, isn’t afraid to strike up a
conversations with a total stranger. He’s a talker and a problem
solver. He makes friends easily, but is sometimes regarded as
annoying. He knows who he is and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

RAPHAEL – Male, 35-45, Hispanic (but will consider other ethnicities)
Raphael is Michael’s son. He just started his own company and is in
need of technological support. Subtle comedic talent/timing is

MANAGER – Male, 45-60, Any Ethnicity, Comedic timing a must. The
Manager has a few employees to fire today, one being Jack. He’s a
little bit arrogant and revels in the fact that his position is safe
and that he’s not going anywhere, but up the career ladder.

HELEN – Female, 45-60, Helen is one of Jack’s confidants in the
office. They were hired at the same time, 10 years ago, and have been
close co-worker friends ever since. They have a lot in common and
often share words of wisdom and encourage each other professionally.

HR Rep – Female, Any Ethnicity, 25-30, She is a relatively new hire
and now she is responsible for watching Jack and others pack up their
desks. She also has to escort them out of the building and this makes
her very uncomfortable. She is shy and reserved.

Co-worker #1 – Any Gender, Any Ethnicity, 20-60, Feels really bad for
Jack and is now wondering who will be next.

Co-worker #2 – Any Gender, Any Ethnicity, 20-60, Is shocked that so
many co-workers are getting laid off. Doesn’t feel bad for Jack or
others. Is more concerned about his/her job security.

DRIVER – Any Gender, Any Ethnicity, 40-50, Must have a valid driver’s
license because you’ll really be driving. Must be a cautious, yet
confident driver, who will be driving your fellow actors, while acting
yourself. The Driver pulls up to the Metro Slug Line and picks up
three passengers.

SLUG PASSENGER – Any Gender, Any Ethnicity, 20-40, Must be able to
convey your emotions through subtle, facial expressions. You are a
passenger with people you have nothing in common with and you are
annoyed and bored. You can’t wait to get out of this car.





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