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Auditions for the short film “The Blind Photographer” (DC)

FILM SYNOPSIS: The Blind Photographer is a 2009 thirty minute short film by multi-award- winning filmmakers Isaiah Headen and Dustin Harrison-Atlas. It is the story of James Davis, a teenage photography prodigy who loses his vision in an accident and struggles to regain his confidence in the face of his new reality. All seems lost after the art school of his dreams removes him from the program, but he’s given a second chance to resubmit his portfolio, as a blind photographer. In the midst of unstable relationships with his demanding father, cold stepmother and insecure girlfriend, he must figure out a way to shoot photographs through the eyes of others. It is a film that tests the human spirit, redefines family and warms the soul. It draws inspiration from “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” and “Ordinary People.”


James Davis (lead) – A handsome, skinny teenager. Driven, independent and bold. Suffers a crushing blow, mentally and physically. Actor must be able to play a blind character. (Looks age: 17-19)

Sarah Wolf (lead) – The girl next door. Sassy and fun, yet dependent and insecure. (Looks age: 17-19)

Eric Davis (lead) – A conservative-looking man with graying hair. Stern, unwavering and has no sense of humor. (Age: early 50s)

Emily Davis (lead) – An independent, coldly-dressed woman who lacks motherly instincts. She looks more like a business woman than a mom. (Age: 40s)

Nurse Theia Bentley – A charismatic woman with a sunshine smile and tender touch. A healer. (Age: late 20s to 30s)

Dr. Nick Schroeder – An elder gentleman. Sincere, caring and straight-forward. (Age: 50s)

Detective Burns – A tree trunk of a man (Age: 40s)

Detective Chase – A slender, charming cop (Age: early 30s)

PRODUCTION DATES: We’ll be shooting the last two weeks in July.

COMPENSATION: DVD of actor’s dailies / $100 full day / $50 half day

June 24th – Open Auditions: 6-10pm
June 25th – Open Auditions: 6-10pm
June 26th – Call Backs: 6-10pm

McKinley 205
American University
4400 Massachuetts Avenue
Washington DC 20016
(near Tenleytown metro stop on the Red Line)

To RSVP, email resume and headshot to: theblindphotographermovie@gmail.com
(Priority goes to those who have RSVP. SAG experience is a plus.)

Auditions for the short film “The Blind Photographer”

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