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Auditions for new mini series “The Hunger”

Audition notice!!

I am starting a new mini series this summer. It is called “The Hunger” and it is a horror/thriller based show. The first season has finished with the scripts and we are ready to start shooting. Each episode will be going on you tube and then to DVD and then to film festivals including New York film fest and it will also be sent to sundance as well as the cable station IFC. I have spoken with some contacts that I have at the station and they have taken a look at the scripts and contacted me back to let me know they are excited and have a good feeling around the show. So, this will be a great opportunity for anyone out there!

I am looking for many characters for this! Every role will get a credit in the film, from extras walking by to the grips. So, you name will be on this show. You will get quite a bit of recognition from this as to your name will be on you tube, myspace, a few different websites.

This will not be a paying gig unfortunately. The show will be low budget. But you will receive credit and a copy of the dvd as well as an invitation to the premiere party for the releasing of the DVD.

I am only looking for serious people. I don’t mind if you have no experience, please do not let that stop you from contacting me! I am willing to work and help anyone that I come across.

The filming will take place in St. Peters, St. Charles, O’Fallon, St. Louis, St. Paul, Lake of the Ozarks, and many more locations. The majority of the filming will take place in St. Peters.

There will be a new episode that will come out once to twice a week on you tube.  Each episode will be 5-10 minutes long.

We will start shooting in the beginning of June. If you are worried about scheduling, please don’t be. I am completely willing to work around your schedule.

There will be a mixture of day and night scenes. I cant say how long each shoot will take, it all depends on how much is shot that day/night.

There are a lot of people that are interested in this series and I want to bring it to them! So, for me to do that, I need talented people like yourself!

The characters that I need are listed below:

Jessica:  (lead) (girlfriend)   age: 18-28   Long hair, slender to moderate build.

Kristin:  (lead) age: 20-50  No specific features.

Mark:  (male) age: 18-30 No specific features.

Toni:  (female) age: 18-30 no specific features.

Megan:  (female) age: 18-30 no specific features.

Jill:  (female) age: 18-30 no specific features.

Rachel:  (female) age: 18-30 no specific features.

Extras (zombies)  age: 16-60 no specific features. I need A LOT of zombies. And you will still get credit and a copy of the DVD. If you wish to be a zombie, please put in the subject of the email. Zombie and I’ll contact you when you are needed. There is no need for auditions for extras.
If you are interested in auditioning for one of the parts above, please email me with your name, phone number, age, location, and a picture. (the picture doesn’t need to be a headshot)
I strongly urge everyone to email me!

Please DO NOT email me with the only thing in the email is “I’m interested”. I will disregard these types of emails. Also, if you do not plan to attend the audition, please do not waste your time as well as my own. Again, I am only looking for serious people.

The auditions will take place in St. Peters, MO.
The auditions will be one on one audition and please have some type of horror/thriller monologue prepared. You will also do a cold read from the script.  After I receive your email, we will then set up an audition date and time.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me at my email: gocrazy4blues@aol.com
You can also go to my myspace page at www.myspace.com/thehunger2008

Thank you and  hope to hear from all of you very soon!

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