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Seeking actors for two short films in Seattle

I am organizing the casting of two short films to be shot in the Seattle
area in November and December. The casting will be this Sunday October 19th
from noon to 3 pm in Belltown. The films and the roles are described below.
For audition times and location, or if you have any questions please contact
me, Arthur Rains-McNally at ih8ufilms@gmail.com.

These films are zero budget, talent will be provided with meals, credit,
experience, a DVD copy of the final products, and tons of appreciation!

1. Modern Love:

Tired of admiring from afar, a young man awkwardly attempts to start a
romance with a girl in the laundry room of their apartment complex.


KEVIN 18 – 30, Male, Youthful, Unaware of himself, Awkward

OLIVE 18 – 30, Female, Free Spirit, An individual

MOM (voice only) must sound over 50

2. The Emerald of Valley (Journey of Last Adam):

A man wandering out of a post-apocalyptic wilderness takes refuge with a
preacher until a feral family catches up with him…

Please note that all roles will have a physical nature (running, fighting,


LAST ADAM: 18-30, Male, amnesiac, a survivor, skinny or muscular, a little

THE PREACHER: 40+, Male, Grizzled, Blind, Pilgrim and survivor, shaggy, the
tired but resilient voice in the wilderness, soft spoken

SUZIE MILTON: 18-30, Female, Fit, scrappy, intimidating, commanding,
impatient, gutter punk, modern primitive, oldest child, Den Mother

ELMER MILTON: 18-30, Male, Fit, Muscular, Large, Morbid, a little slow,
morbid dress, youngest brother

JO MILTON: 18-30, Male, fit, scrappy, morbid humor, quick to anger,




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