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Casting Call for Short film “Collision” – Seattle, WA

Casting Call Details:
Punctum Productions is currently in preproduction for the short film Collision.

A 17-year-old car crash survivor struggles to separate fantasy from reality as she confronts demons from her past.

We are searching for a total of five characters for the short film Collision. All of the dialogue is scripted, but there will be room for improvisation in most scenes. Experience with improvisation is therefore a plus.

Kris – (Age: roughly 17)
Kris is the story’s protagonist. After suffering a heavy concussion during a near-fatal car crash, Kris decides, seven months later, that she must deal with her issues independently of anyone – or anything. She’s an intuitive and smart, but she’s recently put aside her hobbies and schoolwork. Kris used to be well connected, but lately residual effects from the crash have been separating her from the relationships in her life.

Mother – (Age: 35-45)
Kris’ mother is a hardworking nurse at the local hospital. She is the kind of woman who sends out her Christmas newsletters a month late. The mother is a single mom who wants nothing but the best for her daughter, but has a hard time understanding the new personality that the crash has unleashed.

Father – (Age: 35-45)
After leaving his family years ago – thinking it would be best for all involved – he experienced a spiritual revelation and made the decision to become a Catholic priest. He is confident in decisions he makes, even if his opinions tend to change more often than most.

Angel – (Age: 25-35)
Kris meets the Angel in a dream sequence, and he’s sort of a trickster. He questions Kris’ worldview and existence, and is an important catalyst in Kris’ decision of reaching out to her father. He’s confident and surprisingly direct.

Raymond – (Age: 30-50)
Raymond is a homeless person who Kris bumps into when she visits the location of her accident. He doesn’t say much, but is the only one Kris feels she can talk to.

This is a micro budget production, and compensation is to be determined. All edited video and still photos will be available for you to use on show-reels and other promotional material.
Please respond with a photo of yourself and a list of projects you’ve worked on in the past. Links to video performances are welcomed. We are searching for both professionals and amateurs – the most important is that you connect with the character.

We are planning to film over the course of two weekends in late February-early March.

Audition date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
City: Seattle, WA.

Casting Calls Categories: Lead Roles Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: TBA
Project: Auditions for Short film “Collision”
Casting Call Location: Seattle, Washington

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