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Casting call for Male/Female to play teens in “Radumus” music video

Taylor Made Records is holding auditions for the music video to the song
“Hope You Find a Way” by Seattle pop-rock band “RADUMUS”. Non speaking

The Hero-
Nerdy, teenage, male to be the lead character. 18yrs old to play younger.
Look 13-17. Think “Fogle/McLovin” from Superbad. Skinny/Lanky is great, but
chubby/stalky may also work (Think a young Chris Farley on that one…) The
dorkier, the better. Glasses are great. Character must be strongly animated,
outrageous and excitable once enticed.

The Hotties-
Three “Hot”, but still “human” females to play the “preppy and popular”
object of our hero’s affection and her two “preppy and popular” friends.
18yrs or older to play 16-18. Any look, style, hair or ethnicity. Just be
“Hot” while still “Human”.

The Boyfriend-
One handsome and built male to be the “preppy/jock/ Stud” boyfriend of our
hero’s crush. Handsome is good and big muscles in a tight t-shirt is even
better. 18yrs or older to play 17-18.

This will be a one day shoot. Most likely on a Sunday or Monday in late
June/Early July.

This will be a primarily indoor shoot in Bellevue, WA with possibly some
indoor/outdoor footage shot at Bellevue Community College.

Footage of the actual band performance is already shot and edited. This
additional b-roll shoot will add the levity, story line, and band name
branding opportunities to the finished product. Our nerdy hero will really
have to sell this story line and has to be funny…

Story line:
Primary character comes home from a horrible day after being rejected by the
object of his high school affection and subsequently getting suspended from
school. Collapsing into the couch, our hero switches on the TV to find the
video for “Hope You Find A Way” by “RADUMUS” playing. Once engaged, the hero
becomes inspired by the band and the song. Our hero is uplifted at first,
but then becomes wildly excited while fervently “rocking the hell out” in
his empty living room (guitar hero guitar in hand…perhaps in his
underwear), only to find that the object of his affection has been watching
through the window in complete adoration of his cute outbursts the whole

This shoot is a NON-SAG shoot.
Minimum pay for lead/Hero/Nerd role will be $100 per day plus copy, credit
and meals
Minimum pay for lead hottie will be $50 plus copy, credit and meals
Minimum pay for hotties friends and boyfriend will be $25 plus copy, credit
and meals

For Audition:
Submit a headshot and resume’ to radumus.casting@gmail.com
Specify Hero, Hottie, or Boyfriend in your subject line please
Selected actors will be contacted for a live audition in Bellevue, Wa
Live auditions will be held mid-June

A demo version of the song “Hope You Find a Way”, as well as a 2 minute
promotional video about the band is posted at

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