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Casting call for Independent Feature Film

Independent Feature Film seeks Actors
Eyes in the Dark (www.eyesthemovie.com)
“Eyes in the Dark” is a HD feature length (85min) suspense-horror film shot
in the Cascades. Schedule is eight weekends this summer from June to July.
Filmed on a shoe string budget (very small) the over all commitment should
last from May through July with pickups in September for one weekend. The
basic Storyline is, University students go up to the mountains on a ‘last hurrah’
, they go hiking through the mountains and disturb something in a cave that
follows them back to the Ski Lodge, the university students must then try to
survive the night.
Around the Seattle area (roughly 10%) and up in the Cascade Mountains
(specifically Snoqualmie Pass 90%)
We are looking for an actor around university age to round out our ensemble
cast, who is looking for ‘reel builders’ and experience to build up their
resume. The role is of Steve a technological, quick witted, sarcastic,
drinking, semi jackass. He spends his free time blogging in preparation for a job
in Journalism.
Filming will begin on June 13,14,15 and continue through July 18,19,20th and
will be done on weekends so people can work their day jobs.
No Pay, Meals, Transportation provided, Copy and Credit, however, Shares and
Points (on the back end).
Contact Info:
If you are interested in being a part of this film please contact us at eyesthemovie@hotmail.com

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