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Casting Call for “Flash Point Zero” a short film in Seattle

“Flash Point Zero” – This is a short film that will be filmed in February and March. All characters have strong facial features that show that they live a rough life. The filming will be done around Seattle and Mercer Island. All actors will receive copy of finished film, name in credits, and food provided on filming locations. We will schedule filming accordingly. UPON REQUEST, the script will be sent to you. Then after reading through it, we will hold auditions soon.

Role 1: Peter (Lead Role)
A authoritative figure among a group of kids. A strong, confident, intellectual leader. He is the uniting force of a band of kids that are trying to escape the technology-consumed society around them. He is down-to-earth serious kind of guy with just a hint of humor and sarcasm at times. IMPORTANT NOTE: This character has a few voice-overs. So we need strong, serious voice.

Age: 15-17— Tall, older looking 5’10”-6’4″

Role 2: Adam (Lead Role)
Adam is a younger more pure and innocent boy who has just been initiated into this community of kids. He is excited about his initiation and once completed he becomes a huge advocate for the group’s beliefs and ideals. Later in the film he rises to the leader position. IMPORTANT NOTE: This character has a role as the narrator so he has a few voice-overs. We need a young male actor with a calm yet powerful voice (Edward Norton-esque).

Age: 13-16— Shorter, smaller, boy developing into man 5’3″-5’7″

Role 3: Alex
Smaller role. Alex is an older boy who is having second thoughts about being part of the group. His character is weak and sneaky. Alex eventually betrays the community of kids and turns them into the cops. Alex is almost as old or as old as Peter and his main appearance is mentoring Adam at the beginning.

Age: 15-17— Mid-height, skinny, deceiving looks, a little shy. 5’5″-6’3″

Role 4: Jacob
Minor character. This character has a scene where he is arguing on the group’s behalf with a kid who thinks the group is pointless. Jacob is a young, devoted member of the community and he is about the same age as Adam. He looks up to Peter and is a strong believer in being separated from society. Young and innocent.

Age:13-16 Shorter, smaller, more boy than man. 5’3″-5’7″

Role 5: Richard
Minor character. This is the character who is arguing with Jacob. He disagrees with the group and what it is trying to accomplish. His anger turns into pride and arrogance when he sets off to steal and survive on his own separate from the group. he is about Adam’s age but has developed a little more into a man and has evil/cruel intentions.

Age:14-16 mid-height, stronger, more man than boy. 5’7″-5’11”





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