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Casting call for feature-length script reading

Casting Call Details:
Looking for actors who’d like to participate in a feature-length script reading on the afternoon of Saturday, May 2, approx. 2-4 hours.
This is a comedic caper about a pirate radio operator who takes on the world’s biggest media corporation with the help of a group of misfits, a broken-down RV and the ghost of Richard Nixon.

Project Title: MONKEYFISH

Cast Breakdown:

Zeke – Male, 30s: The pirate radio operation, broadcasting out of the back of an RV to avoid detection is his brainchild, and so is picking a fight with the world’s largest media conglomerate. He’s not a leader – he’s a ringleader.

Leroy Brown – Male, 30s: Real name Dr. Faraj Hamad, a leading aerospace engineer who moonlights by helping Zeke defend America’s airwaves from corporate greed.

Smonkey – Female, 20s/30s: She’s an activist determined to change the world, and while she’s not sure Monkeyfish qualifies as activism, it’s clear that the Lost Boys need Wendy.

Renzo – Male, 30s/40s: Owner of a car repair shop and reformed car thief, Renzo has set caution aside to help what he believes is a patriotic cause, and it’s by his efforts alone that the RV stays on the road.

Joel – Male, 20s: Talented videographer and amateur pornographer, Joel does most of the music and video programming for Monkeyfish.

Elswith-Murray – Male, 50s/60s: The CEO the world’s biggest media corporation, he’s Steve Jobs’ evil twin, his goal is to bring every broadcast signal on earth under his influence.

Auntie Liu – Female, 50s/60s: Zeke’s boss, she’s involved in anything as long as there’s cash to be had – seedy pawnshops, human smuggling, DVD pirating and crooked mortgages.

McCann – Female, 50s/60s: FBI Agent McCann is one of those few law enforcement officers who can look at a situation and instantly see the big picture. While it’s made her one of the top agents, it’s also made her a bit of an outsider.

Walid – Male, 30s: McCann’s partner, he’s also one of the FBI’s aces, and he’s peeved that he has to pull away from catching terrorists to deal with this apparently unimportant crime.

Eddie Chiu – Male, 20s/30s: He’s Liu’s business manager/loan processor/chief thug.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Compensation: no pay

Location: Seattle, WA

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