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Casting Call for Feature Film Shoot in May 2010 – PAID (Seattle, WA)

Feature film “The Boob” is an R rated broad comedy about a man, with the help of his friends, getting over his compulsion to stare at women’s breasts. Film will be shot on location in and around Seattle, Washington in May of 2010.

Film will be directed by second time feature director and shot on Red One camera with full crew. This is a non-union project, but all are welcome, no acting experience necessary. Chosen actors need to be able to commit to:

– at least three separate days of rehearsals/table reads in April
– at least two separate days of individual work with director in April
– lead role will require up to 12 hour days and 25 days of shooting in May, main supporting roles up to 20 days
– availability in June and July for ADR in Seattle sound studio


Zach (lead role) – male, twenties, funny face with a gut

Darin – male, twenties, fast talking slacker

Paul – male, twenties, still owns a pair of real nun chucks

Steve – male, twenties, your boss who’s younger than you

Skinny – male, twenties, short, skinny, edgy harmless looking MMA champion

Rose (lead female role) – female, twenties, natural beauty with a guy’s sense of humor

Amy – female, twenties, curvy beauty who flaunts it because she can

Jill – female, twenties, prudish girl who is wild when she’s drunk

Heather – female, twenties, likes bad boys but doesn’t look like a bad girl

Dr. Jensen – female, forties, but looks thirty and a homeopathic lifestyle has kept you being the real life “Stacy’s Mom” fantasy

Strippers – female, twenties to thirties, you are attending night stripper school and might be hot or not, thin or big (these are the only roles that involve female nudity)

***Other non-speaking roles will be casted from the above

Audition Process:

1) Email us with the following info:
a. Name
b. Address & phone number
c. Agent information (if any)
d. Acting resume (if any),
e. Headshots (or links to pictures online)
f. Which role(s) you’re reading for

2) You will receive a reply with the following:
a. Sides
b. Audition date and location (will be in Seattle/West Seattle)

Digital/Remote Audition Process:

1) Follow step one above

2) You will receive a reply with the following:
a. Sides
b. Instructions on how to shoot a video audition

3) Send us an audition video by the specified date

4) If you end up on short list, we will contact you and work to make arrangements to audition in person

***This process open to any actor, highly recommended

Please call with any questions. Our address above is only a mailing address so please do not try and visit us downtown. The film’s web presence will be launched Monday March 15th. Thank you!





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