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Seeking actor to animate and dub 3D Live Avatar – San Francisco, CA

Casting Call Details:
I am looking for an actor to animate and dub a live 3D avatar, at the AdTech event in San Francisco on the 26-27th of March 2014.

The character is an alien, it moves humanoid and it speaks. Video of SEAN: https://vimeo.com/79811140. It is going to be an augmented reality presentation, people are going to see themselves on a big screen, and the avatar should interact with the people in the shot, play with them, talk to them. The actor is going to wear a motion tracking suite and will act in the backstage area. He is going to see his avatar and the action area on a display. The person needs to be able to speak live, kind of like a TV-host. There is going to be other content on the screen as well, the live avatar will be on and off with reasonable brakes.
If you know someone potentially interested in such a job, please give them my contact.

Casting Calls Categories: Video Shoot Casting Calls
Audition Date: 04.03.2014
Project: Auditions for S.E.A.N. 3D Live Avatar
Casting Call Location: San Francisco, California

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