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Auditions for HD film

American Soil Productions is producing a short film (30 minutes) to be shot on HD in the
Bay Area in June, mostly on weekends, and we are looking for actors for the roles
indicated below. Please note that there is tentative casting already for the three main
roles, but one or more of the current actors may not be available to work on the film, so
we want backups who are ready to take over. The “one day” roles are all open at this

If you would like to be considered for this film, please send a picture and a resume to
terylam@gmail.com. Auditions will be held at the end of April or early in May for those
people that we are interested in seeing.

Thank you for your submissions.
Terry Lamb, Producer/Director
“American Soil”

An African American family moves to a rural area of California to escape the dangers of
the big city, and they discover the evidence of an old unsolved murder on their property.
Then they have to deal with the local White sheriff. The story concerns a clash of cultures
and a question of identities.

Kwesi Mensah (late 30s, medium to dark complexion) – Originally from Ghana, he is a
college math instructor, and he loves the intrigue of the unsolved murder.

Caroline Mensah (mid 30s, light complexion) – She is a former teacher and has a mix of
African and European ancestry. She fears for the safety of her family.

Vernon Burkette (late 50s) – He is the local White sheriff and is suspicious of any new
people moving into his town, especially people like the Mensahs who have filled their
house with African artifacts.

Father (30s – 40s, White) – A farmer who is drunken and abusive.

Mother (30s – 40s, White or Latina) – The farmer’s abused wife.

Two Sons (11-13, White or Latino) – Children of the farmer.

Girl (10-12, African American) – Daughter of the Mensahs.

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