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Actors and Actresses needed for an upcoming Horror Film

Casting Call Details:
We’re looking for 2 main Actors and 2 supporting Actresses who can act / play the roles of our upcoming Horror film, called “The Paradise”. It’s an non-union short film that will be shot on miniDV format.

Here’s an outline of the story:

It’s about an old Asian couple who believe that pain is the happiest pleasure that a human being can ever experience. One day, they invited another young Caucasian couple over for dinner, and that marked the beginning of the terrifying nightmare…

The roles are:

Ryuji – Antagonist, Japanese, Male, and Age is unknown but seems to be around 45 years old. He is married to Reiko long time ago and works as a personal plumber. He is good at using various tools. He believes on a legendary sadistic monk, Kusen and keeps on praying for him in order to revive him in reality. (Asian Actor/ with Japanese Accent preferable.)

Reiko – Antagonist, Japanese, Female, and Age is unknown but seems to be round 40 to 45 years old. She is a wife of Ryuji. She doesn’t have a job and is dependent on Ryuji’s income. Since she doesn’t have power like Ryuji, Ryuji always controls her. She likes cooking and decorating. She is also one of the believers of Kusen like Ryuji. (Asian Actress/ with Japanese Accent preferable.)

Shaun – Protagonist, Caucasian, Male, 25 years old and married with Sarah 2 years ago. He is brave and kind but tends to do things without a lot of consideration. He works in a business company and is having some project with his co-workers. (Caucasian Actor needed)

Sarah – Protagonist, Caucasian, Female, 25 years old and married with Shaun 2 years ago. She has senses of spiritual feeling. Compared to Shaun, she is a quiet and negative character. (Caucasian Actresses needed)

-Food & Beverage
-Meal are served if production takes half a day or more
-Copy of the DVD

Casting Call Location: San Francisco, California
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