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Actors and Actresses needed for a Thesis Film

Actors and Actresses needed for the following roles for a Thesis Film for the Los Angeles Film School.
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
PROJECT: TRAGIC Thesis Film for the Los Angeles Film School
PRODUCER: Michele Draper, Steven Beliakoff

DESCRIPTION: The main character Dan is having trouble coping with life after the death of his mother and starts to consider suicide as his only option. While writing his final note to the world, he is interrupted by his father who drags him out of the house. While shopping with his father, Dan runs into a classmate, Lauren, who convinces him to leave with her. Dan doesn’t realize that spending the evening with Lauren will change his outlook.

SAG student agreements available for SAG actors.

FORMAT: Digital

Lead / Male / Caucasian / 15 – 20 years
Description: Teenage boy who has just lost his mother and is stuck living now with his less than sympathetic father.
Other / Male / Caucasian / 40 – 49 years
Description: Dan’s Father – His wife just died, possibly partly due to him, he just wants to move on, and is stuck figuring out how bills are going to be paid.
Lead / Female / Caucasian / 15 – 20 years
Description: Lauren – Teenage girl who see’s the trouble Dan is going through, and wants to help make him feel alright about things.
Other / Female / Caucasian / 6 – 12 years
Description: Sophie – A young elementary girl, and Lauren’s little sister, who doesn’t understand the situation Dan is going through, but knows he has just lost his mom.
Other / Male / All Ethnicities / 15 – 20 years
Description: Boy 1 – Teenage classmate of Dan who doesn’t care for him much.
Other / Male / All Ethnicities / 15 – 20 years
Description: Boy 2 – Teenage classmate of Dan’s. The two are acquaintances and friendly toward each other, but don’t hang out much.
Other / Male / All Ethnicities / 15 – 20 years
Description: Boy 3 – Teenage classmate of Dan. Friends with Boy 1 and Boy 2, kind of quiet and keeps to himself.
Other / Male / All Ethnicities / 30 – 45 years
Description: Police Officer – Sympathetic officer on scene that embraces Dan shortly after car crash.
Background / Male / Female / All Ethnicities / 15 – 60 years
Description: Extras needed for all ages. Please submit headshots along with your contact information to ThrowShapes@hotmail.com. There is no need to audition for a role as an Extra.

Monday June 29, 2009 (9am – 6pm)
Tuesday June 30, 2009 (9am – 6pm)
The Commons Conference Room
1300 Burton Drive
Vacaville, CA 95687

Meals, Film Competition Exposure. Other perks TBD upon casting.

Principal Photography to last through the month of July and to take place mostly throughout San Francisco.

Please address any questions you have to ThrowShapes Productions at ThrowShapes@hotmail.com.

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