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Acting auditions for feature film “Spyware”


PRODUCER: Grant Richards

DESCRIPTION: Life is good for Samantha Logan, a single woman who is
content with her job as a software engineer. But when her online world
is invaded, can she, with the help of her instructor, John Roberts, keep
the threat from becoming reality?

FORMAT: High Definition Video


SAMANTHA LOGAN (Lead Female—mid 20s to mid 30s)—Samantha, naturally
beautiful, is the protagonist. She is a software engineer who is taking
a class to better her career. She has recently ended a bad relationship
and wants to focus on work. (Self-reliant / Humorous / Bright)

JOHN ROBERTS (Lead Male—early 30’s to early 40s)—John is the male lead.
He is attractive but is not at all concerned with his appearance. He
used to work in the tech industry but gave it up to teach computer
science. (Witty / Kind / Introverted)

FRANCIS HONG (Supporting Male—20’s to 30’s)—Francis is the villain. In
the script he is Asian. Like Samantha, he is a software engineer and is
taking the class for work. (Intense / Intelligent / Frightening)

JIM ROBERTS (Supporting Male—30’s to 40’s)—Jim is John’s brother. They
have a close relationship and spend a lot of time together. (Funny /
Extroverted / Sarcastic)

MIKE NEELY (Supporting Male—20’s to 30’s)—Mike is Francis’s best friend.
He is very much like Francis, but he is not as intense. (Nerdy)

DETECTIVE BARNES (Supporting Male or Female—40s to 60s)—Det. Barnes is
the older and more experienced of the two. (Calm / Efficient / Cynical)

DETECTIVE PEREZ (Supporting Male or Female—20s to 30s)—Det. Perez is the
younger and less experienced of the two. (Eager / Serious)

PAUL (Supporting Male—mid 20s to mid 30s)—Paul is Samantha’s
ex-boyfriend who desperately wants her back. (Angry / Domineering)

KEVIN (Supporting Male—mid 20s to mid 30s)—Kevin is the very attractive
bartender. (Flirtatious)

GARY (Supporting Male—mid 20s to mid 30s)—Gary is one of Samantha’s
classmates. (Angry)

RECEPTIONIST (Supporting Female—20s)—Very attractive and a bit of a flirt.

MRS. LOGAN (Supporting Female—50s)—Samantha’s protective mother.

JACK SIMMONS (Supporting Male—40s to 60s)—Samantha’s demanding boss.

There are numerous other speaking parts.
There is no nudity in this film.

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Please contact Grant Richards (408-710-4657 /
grant@garlic.com) to schedule an audition. Auditions will be held in
room SS 214 at Gavilan Community College (Gilroy, CA) on Friday, May 16th and
Saturday, May 17th.

PAY/PERKS: Film credit, food, the final DVD, and material for a reel
will be provided for all actors. Some parts will receive deferred pay or
a small salary.

SHOOT DATES: Shooting will take place on Wednesday June 18th to Saturday
August 23rd. Most shooting will take place on Wednesdays through Saturdays.

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