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San Antonio, TX Casting Calls: Casting for Student Film “Quitter”

Actors Needed – Open Casting Call – San Antonio, TX – Short Film Auditions
Project: “Quitter”
Location: San Antonio, TX

Auditions will be held on:
Tuesday, February 15th 2011,

We will be casting from


Thursday, February 17th,2011

We will be casting from

Where: Middleton Library on the campus of Robert E. Lee High School

Genre: Comedy

“Quitter” is a somewhat dark comedy about Ben, a 26-year-old business major, who, after meeting the girl of his dreams, is forced to quit smoking in order to keep her. The film follows him during his first day of withdrawal, on which he assaults a coworker and loses his car, among other disasters that bring him to have the worst day of his life.


Name: Ben
(has to be comfortable with smoking cigarettes or cigarette substitute)

Age: 25-27

About: Ben is an average Joe. He’s not too handsome, not too smart, not too anything, just a white-collar stiff. Think of him as the guy that’s been working at the same company for years, but has yet to get a promotion. His lack of confidence and low self-esteem has given him severe anxiety issues, which, over the years, he’s learned to suppress with coffee and a “pack-a-day” smoking habit. Though often unsure of himself, Ben’s routine lifestyle has given him a sense of control over his life. This movie is about him losing that control.

Name: Ted

Age: 36-40

About: Bullied in high school, Ted vowed to be “the boss” of his tormentors someday. However, lacking the intelligence to start a Fortune 500 company of his own, Ted had to settle for a much smaller, managing position at someone else’s. He’s still the same guy he was in high school: chubby, awkward, and a bit of a push-over. Still, he’s constantly searching for opportunities to stomp on the people below him.

Name: Anderson

Age: 22-24

About: Anderson is fresh out of some prestigious, east coast business school. He’s young, ambitious, and, most importantly, arrogant. Yes, he knows he’s the best. Yes, he knows how good he looks. Yes, he knows he’s everything Ben wishes he was. Think Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers.

Name: Charlie

Age: 25-27

About: Her grades got her out of a small town in the Midwest to attend a big city college. After graduating with a degree in journalism, Charlie has decided to focus less on her career, and more on her social life. Charlie is attractive, well-read, and easy going. However, she’s also very opinionated and unwilling to compromise her ideals to satisfy a man. Ben falls for her immediately.

No experience required.
We prefer in-person auditions, however if you are unavailable on the dates of the auditions, video auditions/demo reels will be acceptable.

(Optional: Bring headshot the day of the audition)

Craft Services will be provided.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Thursday February 15th 2011, Tuesday February 17th 2011
Project: San Antonio, TX Casting for Student Film; “Quitter”
Location: San Antonio, TX

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