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Japanese Men Needed for Western

Shoot the Sky Productions (www.ShootTheSky.com) is casting a short western film entitled, “Death Ranch,” to be shot from April 20 – 23 in Uvalde, Texas. Food, housing, transportation, and full pay will be provided.

2009.We are looking for 3 JAPANESE MEN who speak Japanese.

Please send headshot, reel, resumé, and contact info to Casting@ShootTheSky.com

We are casting for the following Supporting Roles (union & non-union):

1 – “Kenji”
Gender: Male, Age: 25+, Ethnicity: Eastern Asian; Build: Any
Kenji is the leader of his group. He is a business man and speaks multiple languages. He has taken his two friends to Death Ranch to relive the Wild Wild West experience. Kenji is clean cut and well spoken.

In addition to English, actor must be able to speak one or any of the following languages: Japanese, Chinese (any dialect), Korean.

2 – “Tetsu”
Gender: Male, Age: 25+, Ethnicity: Eastern Asian; Build: Any
Tetsu is one of Kenji’s friends. He is the wild one of the bunch. He highly enjoys the savage and untamed aspects of Death Ranch. Tetsu is rough-looking and truly embodies the spirit of the Wild Wild West.

3 – “Tanaka”
Gender: Male, Age: 25+, Ethnicity: Eastern Asian; Build: Any
Tanaka is the odd man out in Kenji’s group of friends. Basically, he is only at Death Ranch to perform tasks as an assistant. He is soft-spoken, but a diligent worker. He does not thoroughly enjoy his vacation time at Death Ranch. Although he is roughly the same age, Tanaka appears innocent and is younger looking than Kenji and Tetsu.

Death Ranch Synopsis:

Contemporary outback Texas sets the stage for Death Ranch – an expansive compound where investors live out their wildest cowboy imaginings. The mythical setting of the Gold Rush serves as a poignant metaphor for the United States’ current economic obsession and moral blindness. Violent chaos suddenly erupts amidst “Cowboys and Indians” in the Wild Wild West of Death Ranch as our young protagonist is fortuitously forced to fend for his life.

Watch as gold kills…and death rides a horse!

Please contact our casting department with all submissions, information, and questions at: Casting@ShootTheSky.com

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