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Casting Call for Short Film “Blindfolds” – San Antonio, TX

Casting Call Details:
Looking for a male 24-35 to play Damien (Lead Role) – Damien is the main character of the film who has all of this weird interesting quarks about him and one of his issues is that he is overly empathetic. As a result of this he decided to lock himself in his house with his girlfriend, however he also believes that the more he looks at his girlfriend the bigger his heart gets. He is sweet, cute, romantic, awkward, and lovable.

Looking for a female 22-33 to play Ava (Lead Female Role) – Ava is the main character’s girlfriend who is in this very awkward and unusual relationship. Because Damien is overly sensitive and overly emphatic she has to go through all of this strange approaches to a healthy relationship with him. One of the things he makes her deal with is the fact that he has to wear a blindfold around her because he thinks the more he looks at her the more his heart grows. Over all Ava is very lovely, beautiful, understanding, quirky, fun, adorable, and very adventurous.

Casting Calls Categories: Independent Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: June 1-July 1 2013
Project: Auditions for “Blindfolds”
Casting Call Location: San Antonio, Texas

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