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Casting call for a motorcycle action film “Worked Out in Steel”

DoubleThink Productions proudly announces their next film, “Worked Out
in Steel”, a feature length film to be directed by William Wedig www.imdb.com/name/nw2172930 and shot in south and central Texas.

Produced by Michael Lange, www.myspace.com/Lange_Michael, Cliff Weeks www.myspace.com/cliffweeks, Craig
Morrow, and Wes Barlow.

“Worked Out in Steel” is an explosive motorcycle action film set in the
American Southwest. It tells the story of a borderline alcoholic recently
inducted into a notorious outlaw biker gang. As he’s readying himself
for his first drug run, his estranged 13-year old son surprises him with a visit.
He is now forced to take his son with him down t! his road of danger,
deception, and life-changing events. “Worked Out in Steel” is a gripping action-thriller
about one man’s journey of becoming a father.

1st ROUND AUDITIONS will be held Saturday May 31st and June 7th.

– Call-backs to be held the next week.

– Auditions and call-backs are held in San Antonio.

To be considered for an audition, please send headshot and resume to: DoubleThink.auditions@gmail.com

Let us know who you would like to read for?! And please look over the
breakdown to make sure you fit one of the roles before submitting!!


Jesse ‘Red’ Strahler
30-40. Borderline alcoholic. Conflicted loner. Lost in a world of
misfit, gangs, and drugs. Anti-hero of sorts.

Chip Strahler
12-15. Red’s son. Idealistic, rough around the edges.
Loudmouth and thinks he knows more than what he does. Street smart. Has
seen a lot in his young

60’s. Red’s mother. Tough and weathered. After losing her husband to the
Vietnam war, she also loses touch with Red over the years. Unabashedly vocal
about her feelings.

Late 20’s to early 30’s. Lower ranking member of the biker gang. Loyal only
to himself. Deceptive and cruel. A little brighter than the average
outlaw. Very cut-! throat.

40’s to 50’s. Leader of the biker gang. Pretty smart yet has a one track
mind. Stubborn and easily tricked.

40’s to 50’s. Has built himself an empire within the Meth business. Very
hard and rough. Red’s bike gang are one of his many suppliers. King is
capable, and extremely big headed.

Mid-20’s to mid-30’s. Violet is a rough chick, but sexy and attractive.
She is sleeping
with Fist. Her loyalty lies with herself and her family and is willing to
double cross if an opportunity arises. Must be willing to do partial nudity.

30-40. Total junkie. Has known Red for a while, since his days with his

30’s. The King’s bodyguard. Very loyal to King. Willing and able to do all
of! the dirtiest tasks.

20’s to 30’s. Violet’s brother.

40’s to 60’s. Local bartender and friends of Red’s for years. Friendly
neighborhood charm mixed with a tough mouth.


Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the auditions

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