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Auditions for an independent pilot

An independent pilot being shot in Richmond;

“Bulletproof” .
Please email head shot and resume to
chase@chasemayer.com .
Compensation is copy, credit and meals. Sorry I can’t do more right now.

Casting call to be held on April 26, 2008 between 1:00
to 3:00 pm, by appointment only, at Captain Buzzy’s
Beanery located at the intersection of 27th and East
Broad Streets, Richmond, Virginia.

Characters Needed:

Young Walt Carr
10 year old, dark hair, scruffy
This is a loud, bold scruffy kid.

Young Chris Carr
8 year old, light hair, neat
Quiet, younger brother, who idolizes his older

Sheriff Henry
30 something, rugged white man
Adulterous shady law man.

Beth Carr
30 something, dark hair, curvy woman
Loose, lost alcoholic woman.

Adult Walt Carr
20 something; white male
Tough, protective older brother

Adult Chris Carr
20 something; white male
Idealistic younger brother.

Bus Driver
30-50 something; minority/male/ female

20 something; male

30 something; white male
Smart ass ex-g man type.

Bank Clerk
20-30 something; male
Busy body type.

Assistant Registrar
30 something; minority female
Rigid, older woman, who seems to enjoy frustrating

Female Voice
30 something female (voice only)

Director Flanders
40-50 something; white male
Slimy and self serving

20 something; Blonde female
Ambitious blonde, some partial nudity.

Security Guard
30 something; male
A nervous character, who is always trying to impress
his boss.

20-30 something; white male
Loud mouthed tough guy.

20-30 something; minority male
Louder mouthed tough guy.

Senator Dickers
40-50 something; white male
A shrewd, calculating government man

G-Man 1
30 something; white male
Rottweiler in human form.

G-Man 2
30 something; minority male
A bigger Rottweiler in human form.

Massage Therapist
20 something; Asian female

Mrs. Flanders
40 something; white female

Child Flanders
20 something; white male/female

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