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Urgent: Need Male and Female Leads for Short Film – Portland, OR

Casting Call Details:
I’m shooting a short, most of which will be created in St Helens over the course of the month of February. For the lead roles I need a man and a woman, preferably 25-30-ish years old, good looking and/or interesting looking, and fit. I’m not terribly specific but I do want both actors to be attractive, drawn to one another (or capable of acting like it). Nothing too weird but willingness to be nude (or partially) in the pale moonlight is a plus. Hanging on on your free time to connect a bit is encouraged. If you have a jealous other, this may not be for you.

She loves the man next door, he’s relatively oblivious until he’s not, there’s magical things…
a bit old-timey, a bit otherwordly, classy, odd and slightly minimal.

For the man, lip syncing will happen and hey, if you can really sing, it’s a plus. knowing enough on the geetar to act like you know is an ultra plus.

Up to 3-5 shooting days per actor over the course of the month (probably the later part of the month, and probably less than 3-5 shooting days per) in St Helens. Another bar scene for the man (filmed in Portland) which will take a day and a fantastical scene for both in Forest Park that will take a day.
I’m willing to work with the schedule of both parties but flexibility would be great and there are two or maybe three days when both actors need to be on the shoot together.

I can’t pay but…
= Food and drink will be provided for talent and crew.
= Gas money can be covered.
= use the result for your reel.
The short is planned to be 10+ minutes and will likely be entered in festivals and such. It will also be cut down to trailer size and the film concept will be pitched. If the film concept is picked up and there are resulting funds, I’ll be offering a small sum of money when all is said and done and if it so happens that this film is funded for feature and they want me to direct it, I’ll go to the original lead actors first. Don’t count on that money though. Consider it a possible perk.

Perhaps most important is that I’m gearing up for further short films and in a matter of months will be shooting a full length feature. I’m looking for my actors – people who I can trust, who love the work, who believe in the vision and who want to find their director. I want everyone who works for it to find success in the end and I hope to be able to facilitate that.

Please respond with your info, head/body/person shot and/or link to a reel.

No professional experience necessary but hopefully you can act since this is an acting gig ;)

If we talk, we’ll do a quick screening in some weird place one day next week and if you fit, we’ll do wardrobe, rehearsal, scheduling, and finally filming.

If this isn’t for you but you know someone, please pass this along.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film, Lead Roles
Audition Date: TBD
Project: Short Film
Casting Call Location: Portland, Oregon

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