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Pittsburgh, PA Casting Calls: Open Casting Call for “The Fall of Lucifer”

Looking for committed and dedicated actors. There is no pay, but this will be a big performance at the Kelly Strayhorn theatre at the end of September 2011. Therefore, this will be a great resume builder and a ministry.

The Fall of Lucifer
Open Casting Call Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA

Location: Ethan Temple SDA Church (1205 Wood Street Wilkinsburg, PA 15205) can get there using the 71D bus going past U of Pitt and Carnegie Mellon’s campus

Time: 3-5pm

This is a religiously based play about spiritual warfare that will warrant both a visceral and intellectual catharsis as well as this will be an action packed performance. The casting call for this production is Sunday Feb. 20 , 2011. 3-5 pm. This casting call is open to anyone interested, no acting experience necessary.

Brief description:

There is tension in the atmosphere, when Lucifer, one of the most majestic angels decides that he is greater than his creator. This tension grows to outright rebellion and he maliciously tries persuading angels to follow him and rebel. There is upheaval and chaos causes warfare to break out in heaven. Who will win, who will be cast out? Either way, we will see Lucifer fall.


Michael (Jesus Christ)
Lucifer/Satan (the rebel)
Rashidi (Rationalizing angel)
Selemani (sorrowful angel)
Bem (Confused Angel)
Siyazini (skeptical Angel)
Dingane (Skeptical Angel)
Msemaji (Orator/Mad angel)

NOTE: The definite male roles are Michael, Lucifer, and Adam. Both females and males are encouraged to audition for the other angels)

Ages 13-35

Casting Calls Categories: Open Casting Calls
Audition Date: Jan 30
Project: The Fall of Lucifer
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Ethan Temple SDA Church (1205 Wood Street Wilkinsburg, PA 15205)

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