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Phoenix, AZ Casting Calls: Looking for lead, supporting, extras for “More Like Brothers”

Casting Call Details:
Set in the 1930’s More Like Brothers is a true authentic time piece. A tale concerning organized crime unlike any other. Two cousins tied into an under-boss of the mob and the realities that will come.

Looking for lead, supporting extras. This will be for all ages from 9-99 yrs old male and females are needed non union actors, it will be a paid job.

Please submit head shot and resume.


Lead female – Manny’s mother, depressed, detached, emotionless and empty. Spends most of her time worried about Manny and her family.

Head of a rival mob family, strong, very respected, has the evil edge to him. Someone you do not want to answer to. People are threatened and fear him.

Cocktail Waitresses
Work as bar women. They serve the people that come into the bar/restaurant. All attractive women

Young Manny
A young boy. Italian kid, knows the streets. Smart boy, and wants to be known when he is older. This is the lead character.

She has a mouth, but knows when to stay quiet. Known for who she is dating. Stunning, loyal and all men want to be with her. Loves Italian men.

Manny’s partner and cousin, strong personality, fearless. is a respected man and will do anything for Manny. Loves being respected, and having his name in the limelight. Has a temper, and very protective of his loved ones and family.

A very strong personality, leadership qualities, has a large family, women love him, not much book smarts but street smart. In a position to move up and be a very well known man in the community. Family comes first and taking care of them.

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Audition Date: March 14th 2013
Project: More Like Brothers
Casting Call Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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