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Casting Call for “The Wanderer” Film

Film: “The Wanderer”
Writer & Director: Jonathan Millard
Production Company: Passion Drive Pictures

Logan Highlen
Dustin Hutchinson
Jonathan Millard
Tony Pisano
Cierra Wiley

Hello friends and fellow filmmakers. This is a casting announcement I am making for Passion Drive Pictures first and upcoming film “The Wanderer.” Its a sci-fi/adventure/horror film we will be making for the Phoenix International Horror and Sci-Fi film festival that will be held next year in 2010. As well as any other genre film festival that may be going on around the country next year. It will be a feature length film. People who have seen our past work may recognize us as JTL Productions.

We will be holding our first auditions on SUNDAY JUNE 21st. We do not have a location yet, but we will by the time that date comes around. A majority of the film will be shot in Peoria/Glendale, weekends after dark. If you are interested in auditioning for a role, please email our Casting Director Cierra Wiley at:


People who email us need to make an appointment and tell us what role they will be auditioning for on that date so we can preparesides for a cold read at the audition. We will also be REQUIRING a head-shot and resume’ on the day of the audition.

This movie consists of two stories in one, written in my personal style “Multiple Character Flashback Narrative.” This first audition will be for all the characters apart of the flash-backed story in the film. Both stories are just as equally strong and relate to each other directly.

Below are character descriptions, and the Log-line for the film. On a side note, this project is not a paid job. We are a student production company based out of ASU and all the money we spend on the project will be for production.

Thank You
– Jonathan Millard

Log line: In the world after the 2012 nuclear apocalypse a community of survivors fight the new horrors of the world for their survival.

The Survivors

Kristine Grier: (Aged 18-23) Kristine or KRIS, is a young athletic girl. Relatively upbeat attitude. Her character is in both stories in the film. She is age 46 in the present tense story, and ages 18 and 23 in the flash-backed story. She can be played by the same actress.

Keith Grier: (Age 40-45) Married to Sandra Grier, father to Kristine (Kris) and Jonas Grier. He is middle aged, and a very smart man. He tends to take control in dire situations and appears to be very distant with his family. He is a smoker.

Sandra Grier: (Aged 40-45) Mother to Kristine and Jonas. Woman with high anxieties. Drinks often. Has a very short temper, but can also have brief moments of vulnerability. Very attractive.

Jonas Grier: (Aged 13) Young open-eyed kid, who somehow gets into trouble without necessarily bringing it onto himself. Very bright, but also very playful.

Frank Grier: (Aged 35-40) A hot headed, temperamental man and brother to Keith Grier. Instead of staying calm and thinking through a situation, he lashes out and points fingers.

Doctor Allan Dines: (Aged 24-30) A brilliant scientist and doctor who is wasting his skills being trapped in the new life he was given. Has a very pessimistic attitude and a deep fear of violence and social issues. If something is bothering him, he keeps it under his hat.

Steven Kane: (Aged 40-50) Leader of Atomic Hill. Has a mid level military background, rather than a leadership background. Relies on the opinions of others. During fearful situations he takes action quick, often before thinking it out.

Michelle Dobson (Twenties) Attractive woman who is the community therapist for the underground shelter Atomic Hill. Michelle is smart, intuitive and professional.

The Marines

Sergeant Leroy Benette (Age 26) Leroy is a very down to earth person who puts his life on the line for the people he cares about. Has the qualities of a hero and Leader. Love interest of Kristine.
Played By: David Bodine

Major Davis: (Late Twenties) Highest ranking military officer in the base, but sees himself as an equal to his friends who rank below him. Athletic build.

Jeremy (Twenties) Leroy’s best friend. Smart and computer savvy yet nervous in dangerous situations.

Jackson (Twenties) Bit of a smart ass and sarcastic but usually joking about what he says. Athletic build.


Shane/“Nightmare”: (Age 18-23) Kris’ old boyfriend who died in the atomic fires who later mutated into what became “Nightmare”, the main antagonist of the story. Shane is a very caring young man, fearful of losing Kris. Later to become Nightmare, he is a murderous, psychotic, cannibal mutant who has demon like qualities.

Lauren: (Twenties) A woman who was having an affair with Keith Grier, who later becomes a mutant. She is another antagonist in the film who sides with Nightmare.

Minor Characters

Thug (Teenage or early Twenties) Tough Guy who gets into a fight with Leroy and Jonas. Hand to hand fighting.

2nd Thug (Teenage or Twenties) Chases after Jonas’ friends.

News Anchor: (Any age over 18) Minor character in the film who appears once.

Man: (Any age) Minor role in a crowd scene.

Woman: (Any age) Minor role in a crowd scene.

Technician: (Any Age above 18) A control room technician for Atomic Hill with many lines in one scene. Very eloquent character.

Male Nurse (Any Age Above 18) A sarcastic male nurse we see in the beginning of the film.

Kayla (Early Twenties): Nuclear holocaust survivor who appears twice in the film.

Rob (Early twenties): Kayla’s boyfriend who is a strong male character and a survivor of the nuclear holocaust. Appears once.

Eric (Any Age): Nuclear Holocaust survivor with Rob and Kayla.

New Man (Any Age) Leads Nightmare to Rob and Kayla as bait. Scared and weak in his once scene.

Bobby (Aged 13) Jonas’ friend.

Ryan (Twenties) A brave Pilot.

Taylor (Twenties) A secondary pilot.


Many of these roles can be played by the same people.

Mutants: x10 Have no dialogue, just actions. Lots of makeup effects for these roles.

Base Technicians: (Any age) x5.

Security Team: x10

Government Agents x4

Crowd People x15 They will also be base residents.

Kids x5 Any Ages under 16

Medical Technicians x2

D.N.C. Marshall: (Middle aged) An antagonist in the film apart of Keith’s subplot. Appears once.

D.N.C. Agent Harrison Foster

Dave (Forties) The fearless leader for the Republic of Surprise who cares more about eating than his health. A somewhat large man who lives mostly on hope and blissful ignorance.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Contact: Passiondrive@live.com

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