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Orlando, FL Casting Calls: Rocking Chair Pictures is seeking talent for feature production

Rocking Chair Pictures Is seeking talent for its up an coming feature production
Location: Orlando, FL


In this heart gripping decision based tale of overcoming, we journey with John as he suffers hardship, loss, and renewal in a dramatic life altering change of events that will have us questioning circumstance and rooting for characters that capture our emotion. This is a current Production from Rocking Chair Pictures.

Projected Shoot Dates:
between 2 May and 26 June 2011.

Full Sail 3F, 351 University Park Drive, Winter Park, FL. 32792

Casting for:

Age range: 23-26
Gender: Female
Description: Carrie is a loving person. Enjoys life and tries to live it to the best of her ability cause she doesn’t know when she might die. She enjoys company, but spends most of her time alone afraid to infect anyone else with AIDS.

Age range: 18-22
Gender: Male
Description: A young man working his day job. Is unsure of himself.

Age range: 25-40
Gender: Female
Description: works at hospital.

Age range: 25-40
Gender: Male
Description: Very intelligent. Has been a detective for a while and has a reputation of getting to the bottom of things quickly. Kind of arrogant and has a condescending demeanor.

Age range: 28-35
Gender: Male
Description: Homeless man living on the streets. Very friendly because he had a good life before becoming homeless. Lost himself to lawsuits in the housing market. War veteran with PTSD.

Age range: 24-28
Gender: Female
Description: A self respected business woman. A hardass at home and at work. Hates that John is lazy, No one likes her because of her work ethic and standards. She thinks she is better than all the rest.

Age range: 25-30
Gender: Male
Description: John is a moderately tall man with dark hair. Has a very childish disposition, but when challenging circumstances arise he becomes very mature. John has a disgust for stuff that goes wrong.

MARRY (formerly JANE)
Age range: 24-30
Gender: Female
Description: Elizabeth’s best friend since high school. She has a Well-rounded mind and personality. Enjoys the little things.

Age range: 30-35
Gender: Male
Description: A homeless man down on his luck resorts to a life of thievery. Has no remorse for people and little regrets. He sees that what he is doing is the last thing he can do to stay alive.

Age range: 3-6
Gender: Male
Description: A very innocent child. Loves to play games and watch tv.

Age range:30-40
Gender: Female
Description: Straight forward therapist with a penchant for helping special cases.

Age range:25-35
Gender: Female
Description: Nurse

Age range: 25-35
Gender: Female
Description: Nurse

Age range: 25-30
Gender: Male
Description: Young-looking has a cop’s disposition.

Age range: 24-35
Gender: Male
Description: A larger man, with dark hair. Looks at life like every day is a grilling day. Very laid back and lets things happen that shouldn’t. Richard is a gamer at heart.

Age range: 22-35
Gender: Female
Description: Secretary

Age range: 25-50
Gender: Male
Description: Security

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: 12 March 2011 between 1PM-5PM
Project: Rocking Chair Pictures Is seeking talent for its up an coming feature production
Location: Orlando, FL

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