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Orlando, FL Casting Calls: Actors Needed for Feature Film “Ten Tales”

Scatterpod Films Ten Tales
Location: Orlando, FL
Pay Rate: Copy of finished film, credit for your work, meals and great networking opportunity.

Electronic submission only please.

Project Notes: We are filmmakers looking to create something unique and original. The idea with this concept and project is to work with “real” actors who want to challenge themselves dramatically and “go” places they haven’t gone before.

This project will be scripted, but highly improvisational for a more natural, “first time” look and feel. Even the way this film will be shot, all hand held cameras with very long takes with no cuts will be used to create something perfectly flawed, unique and un-manipulated by editing or multiple takes.

We will expect any actor interested or cast in a role for this film to bring their own life experiences into their performance. The script will not be treated as a precious document that should be adhered to religiously, or at all. We will all “bring it” and see what we get.

Frank Fredericks – White MALE / 75 TO 80
Frank is a mild mannered, old fashioned, senior aged father of four modern children with modern problems. The story starts when he wakes up in the middle of the night to discover his wife Maggie has passed away peacefully, in her sleep.

Janice Fredericks – White FEMALE / 30 TO 36
Janice Fredericks – 36 year old daughter of Frank and Maggie Fredericks. She is struggling through being married to a man who has lost interest in her. However, she isn’t sure she ever truly loved him. She HAS always been in love with her sister’s husband, who she had never even met before her sister’s wedding day.

Jack Reynolds – White MALE / 36 TO 40
38 year old, stand offish husband of Janice Fredericks. A detached male, unaware of the things he is doing that are driving his wife away from him. Sports watching, loud, aging jock, opinionated, says things just to get attention.

Jason Fredericks – White MALE / 40 TO 45
The oldest of Frank and Maggie’s children. He has recently been asking questions about his life and his feelings for his wife. Isn’t sure if he’s going through a mid-life crisis, or not. But, he does know he isn’t at all happy in his marriage. Has a 16 year old daughter, an only child with his wife, Lisa.

Trudy Fredericks – White FEMALE / 15 TO 18
Trudy is the 16 year old, only child of Jason and Lisa Fredericks. She has an 18 year old boyfriend, Chris Johnson, that her parents do not know about. They have recently started having sex and Trudy is feeling like she’s being taken advantage of and used. She’s started resisting his sexual advances, but he continues to insist that he loves her and continues pushing the sex thing. It’s starting to get dangerously close to date rape.

Shane Fredericks – White MALE / 35 TO 40
Shane is the 38 year old middle child of Frank and Maggie Fredericks. He is driving home from work. He’s well off, has a good job, but because of overworking himself, he’s nothing else to show for it except for money. He’s quiet and a little stubborn. No wife, girlfriend, or kids. He gets mugged on the way home by an angry white male. He starts to realize that if anything were to happen to him, there would be no one left to miss him.

Thomas Matthews – White MALE / 18 TO 23
Thomas is a young white male who’s had a rough go. When he decides to rob Shane Fredericks at gunpoint, it’s not so much because he needs, or wants anything, but more because he hates Shane’s type. He can’t stand the sight of wealthy people. Overtaken by jealousy, he attacks Shane in the middle of the night.

Tammy McCall – White FEMALE / 34 TO 38
Tammy McCall is 34 year old, second daughter of Maggie Fredericks from her first marriage. So, the only father she’s ever known is her step father Frank and things haven’t been horrible, but they never have really clicked to say the least.

Tonight she’s meeting Jacob Williams, a 34 year old male that she’s never met in person. Having spoken on the phone several times at this point, the chemistry between them is pretty intense. We he shows up at her door, late at night they barely even speak a word to each other before sparks fly between them.

Of course she isn’t too sure about this guy. They’ve never even met in person. But, she doesn’t want to be alone tonight and she’s willing to hook up with him just this once, to see how things go.

Jacob Williams – White MALE / 30 TO 38
Jacob Williams, a 34 year old white male has just shown up at Tammy McCall’s house, unannounced. They have never met before, but have spoken on the phone more than once and have agreed that they should meet. He’s a quiet, boy next door type that’s had his heart broken a few times. He’s been pretty guarded with her thus far, but just tonight has decided to let his guard down and not fight the feelings he has for her anymore. But, how well does he really know her?

Gary Fredericks – White MALE / 24 TO 30
Gary Fredericks is a 28 year old gay male, living in seclusion from the rest of his family. It isn’t that his family has rejected him, or been cruel, but that he’s never fit in with them at all and he does not know how to get along with any of them, from his father on down to his brothers, sisters and step sisters.

He’s had some ups and downs. Drugs, alcohol, money problems because of the drinking and drugs. But, he’s been clean and sober for over a year and a half now. The family is happy for him, but doesn’t really know if they can trust the sobriety, especially since this isn’t the first time he’s cleaned up. But, it is the first time he’s stayed clean for this long.

He hasn’t spoken to his father Frank for two years because Frank caught him stealing his mother’s pain killers out of the medicine cabinet. This prompted a huge knock down, drag out war between the two of them where too many things that shouldn’t have been said were said.

His mother, Maggie’s death is now forcing him to deal with the riff between him and his family and he’s not sure he;s absolutely ready, or even strong enough to do it all.

Mary McCall-Willson – White FEMALE / 40 TO 45
Mary McCall-Willson, 45 year old married woman. She’s been slipping away from her husband around once a week to explore the dominatrix side of her personality. She’s been meeting with a nice 30 year old white man named Stewart for a few weeks. She’s never had sex with him and he doesn’t seem to want to have sex with her. But, wants only to be given chores and humiliated by her.

Her husband, doesn’t know what she’s doing on these weekly visits with other men and women. In their marriage, he’s the one who’s got all the control and she knows he wouldn’t understand that these weren’t really infidelities, but just her trying to figure herself out.

Charlie Watson – Black MALE / 30 TO 35
Charlie Watson is a 30 year old, black, gay male. He’s Gary’s new boyfriend. He’s the first person Gary’s been able to stay with since sobering up and getting clean. That’s mostly because Charlie is incredibly patient and giving. He sees Gary for what he could and will be, not what he is now, or what he has been. They’ve been friends for a long time and Charlie was the only person that stuck with Gary through all his problems and fell in love with him in the process. Dating Gary is not an easy thing to do.

Stewart Beck – N/A MALE / 30 TO 35
Stewart Beck is a 30 year old, self made millionaire. He has started having weekly visits to a Dominatrix named Mary for a few weeks now and it’s really satisfying him. He’s got so much going on in his life that he’s in control of, that his time with Mary renew him. She’s the best he’s ever been too. He’s been holding out on her the entire time they’ve been working together and he’s trying hard to keep his secret, because once the secret is out he’s certain she won’t want to work with him anymore.

James Willson – White MALE / 38 TO 45
James Willson is the 42 year old husband of Mary McCall Willson. She’s been going out a lot lately which has given him some much needed alone time. He’s not sure where his relationship with his wife is going. They will have been married 11 years tomorrow and he’s noticed that she’s going through a lot of changes lately. Changes he’s not absolutely certain he wants anything to do with. He still loves her, for the most part, but is unsure of what to think about the direction she’s been taking her life. Maybe it’s their age? Women are supposed to go through an awakening of sorts when they get into their 40’s. The sex has definitely gotten kinkier and he’s not complaining about that. But, he’s still not sure the heightened sexuality is worth all the other new things he doesn’t like about her.

When his wife isn’t there, he’s been talking on the phone to her step sister, Janice. She’s also married, but, James and Janice have always had a strange connection. They never met until the day before he married Marry, where they shared a moment between the two of them, but never did anything about it. The older they get, the more they are wondering whether they are both married to the right people or not.






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