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Open casting call for “Behind The Rainbow” (Orlando, FL)

Open casting call – SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, 2009. 10AM – 3PM – ARRIVE EARLY

Orlando LGBT Center
946 N. Mills Ave
Orlando, FL

Frankie and Olivia are two sisters whose only resemblance is their bloodline. Torn apart because of their mother’s homophobic views, the two are now attempting to reestablish their relationship. With her best friend Jayden by her side Frankie is on a mission to find a love of her own in a sea of women with issues. Where what you see is often not what you get, Olivia is struggling to hold together the perfect image everyone has built of her. Stereotypes are being broken and the walls are crashing down exposing the inconsistencies of a community that fights to be accepted for who they are but are just as quick to shun those that are different from them.

Main Characters:

Frankie – Female – African Irish – Dark

Very up to date in an eccentric way. Although she comes across as stylish, she is the type of woman that will wear her clothes without ironing and has no problem shopping at the thrift store. She is medium brown skin. Her complexion can almost be describe as the color of a new paper bag. She is not pretty but she is uniquely beautiful. Her wild hair is an expression of her Freedom. Her hair symbolizes her refusal to conform to other peoples ideas or thoughts of what she should be.

Olivia – Female – African Irish – Light

Very feminine and a lot of attention is but into the way she looks. Her character can either be mistaken for Biracial or a very light skinned black woman. She is often primping her hair or fixing her clothes. She may come across as a narcissist to some however she has been trained by her husband to be very concerned about her image. She is fed up with her husband and has been speaking up for herself a lot more.

Marcus – Male

Marcus is a very masculine man. On any given day he is mistaken for a celebrity or professional athlete. He has an air of confidence that enters an area before he does. He grew up in the streets and has a hustle mentality even though he no longer lives that life. He is not very attractive but women can’t help but be attracted to him

Jayden – Female

Jayden is very calm and mild mannered. Her demeanor is very assertive and she is always surveying her surroundings. She has a tendency to fall back when entering a room or a new place. Once she lets her guard down she is very funny but always protective of those she loves. She is physically fit and may have large thighs or arms.

Kailah – Female

Kai is very arrogant and cocky. She feels that she can have who she wants, when she wants and doesn’t answer to anyone but herself. Her overcompensation of confidence comes from growing up being picked on by other females. To protect herself, she developed her super persona “Kai”. Her large frame makes her plus size but she is very healthy.

Angelina – Female

Ange is beautiful even though she often tries to down play her looks. Men and women come on to her often so she tries to be as unnoticeable as possible. She has a slight Hispanic accent. She has medium length short hair and is very curvy. Everything in Ange tells her that Kai has cheated on her however she ignores her own intuition to follow her heart. She believes in family and lasting relationships and that is what she is attempting to have.





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