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Casting Call for short film “The Autumn Wind” (Orlando, FL)

The Autumn Wind is a 40 minute horror short being filmed IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA. This is not a student film. The director is based out of Orlando, FL. This production is no pay, but you get meals, copy, and credit. Below is a list of the character breakdowns. Weekend and some weekday filming required. Shooting begins tentatively around March 26th. Please, serious submissions only. Out of state inquiries will not be accepted. If you think you fit one of the character descriptions below, and can commit 100% to the shoot, please submit headshot/resume. We will respond with further audition information at that time. Thank you very much!

The Digger: Lefty Marston
Male, 5’8 – 5’10, medium build to stocky, late twenties to early 30’s
Must be comfortable with an intense fight scene. MMA or stunt experience a plus.
Job – A newly hired grave digger interested in additional pay to make ends meet.
Personality – Tough, confident,
Motivation – Obtain $500.00 by any means necessary to settle a gambling debt.
Ability to show various emotions is a must.

The Driver: Eric Blaine
Description – Male, 6’0 – 6’2, thin build, late forties to mid 50’s.
Job – He is the personal driver and assistant to the Dane an eccentric millionaire with a dirty secret.
Personality – Authority, Henchmen type, Chain smoker, direct, cool, calm and collected.
Motivation – To carry out the orders of his boss The Dane by any means necessary.
Must be comfortable handling a gun.

The Damsel: Jane Maddingway (Ghost)
Description – Female, 5’7– 5’9, early to late twenties, slender, medium or athletic build.
Job – Former upcoming jazz singer now deceased.
Personality – Determined, manipulative, cunning, aggressive
Powers – Can walk through doors, walls, super human strength, can change her facial appearance.
Ability to show various emotions is a must.

The Dane: Carter “The Dane” Williams
Description – Male, 5’11 – 6’2, medium to stocky build, early to late 40’s
Job – Millionaire though inheritance, former college football player, last member of family
Personality – Laid back, intelligent, authoritative, confident, matter of fact

The Doorman: Reginald Johnson
Description – Male 6’0 – 6’3, slim build, early 50’s to late 60’s
Job – Assistant to The Dane
Personality – does not speak, very silent, still and very observant
Motivation – To keep the secret of the ghost that’s been haunting them for 15 years.





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