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Casting Call for Indie Feature Film “Haima” – Orlando, FL

Casting Call Details:
“Haima” is a gritty tale of the woman who survives a savage attack but awakens with a severe case of amnesia. She has no memory of her previous life. Her name, her home, her ex-lover, or acquaintances. It’s all a blank. What’s worse, she does not remember being attacked or the identity of her attackers.

Character Breakdowns

Haima Kellis, 30, white female, is the protagonist of the film. She is the former lover of the antagonist, is Richard. She is alluring and forceful. Her strength comes from her being the only child and has experience more hardship in her short life than most people do in a lifetime. Haima is perhaps the one person alive who has the resolve to withstand anything life throws her way. With the right mental and physical health she could rule the world. The problem is she has severe amnesia, thus making her own worst enemy.

Richard Leath, mid 30′s, white male. Richard knows too well how to hold a grudge and can be very vindictive. He’s a control freak who saw the opportunity to be revengeful. He is the antagonist of the film.

Frank, Handsome, mid 20s, white, Haima’s new love interest.

Congressman Steven Kellis, 59, white, male, a powerful former congressman with a dark secret. A secrete he must protect at all cost.

Henry Brennan, a.k.a. Hank, 55, white male, was a seasoned detective and close friend of Congressman Kellis’. He’s now a fragment of his former self, an alcoholic who has adopted a redneck-like life-style. He lives in a mobile home and is dragged out of retirement to protect the congressman’s dark secret.

Chet Blackburn, 30s, white, male, very pale, thin, with a “don’t care” attitude. Chet’s a raging psychopath, pathological rapist and woman abuser. He shares a huge secret with his co-offenders; he has killed before. He gives little regard for anyone who stands in his way. He likes his liquor, likes to party and get violent when he drinks.

Thomas Bradley, early-to-mid 30s, black male, college football linebacker that didn’t get drafted into the NFL. He’s in love the idea of being part of a team which makes him a willing, but vulnerable accomplice. He is loyal to Richard’s and the others in the group. He’s a follower and, if it weren’t for the attack on Haima, he’d be a follower his whole life. He struggle with guilt of recent events.

Dean Partin, male, handsome, mid 30′s, Richard’s best friend and partner in crime. He is married to Lisa with a four-year-old daughter, Lizzy. He is good at heart but finds himself on the wrong side of the law only to support his wife and young daughter.

Ulric Parker, (50s-60s), a black male with an ex-smoker’s voice that would make 50-grit sandpaper seems smooth. He is an alcoholic doctor with a broken marriage and faltering career. He carries the guilt of not being there for his daughter when she was alive. Ulric’s looking for a new sense of purpose and may have found it in helping Haima.

Cindy Bloomstein, mid 40s, not much is known about her except that she is a sweaty, slightly overweight woman in her. She is a nurse at the hospital where Ulric works and has a thing for him.

Alfred, 55. Henry’s old buddy and former law enforcement officer.

Lizzy “Elizabeth” Partin is a four year old daughter to Dean and Lisa Partin.

Lisa, mid 20s – 30s, Dean Partin’s wife.

Natasha, mid 20s – 30, white female. A beautiful, Russian/Eastern-European maid. The ability to speak Russian would be a definite plus.

Marie, mid 20s – 30, female, Hispanic maid.

Little Boy, 4, white. This boy needs to look adorable to the audience. This character speaks no lines, and this is a role that is considered a featured extra role, but I am looking to cast this role.

Emma, 73. Richard’s grandmother, sweet, charming but cunning at the same time. She is very protective of her grandson.

Debbie, mid 20s – 30s, bartender.

Tank, mid 30s – 40s, a monstrosity of a man. Works at the bar with Debbie as a bouncer.

Ramon, mid 20s – 30s, Hispanic male, mechanic.

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Audition Date: TBA
Project: Indie Feature Film “Haima”
Casting Call Location: Orlando, FL

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