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Casting call for feature film “MERC: Shadow Knight Origin”


“MERC: Shadow Knight Origin” tells the story of a man named Eric who’s brought up in a life isolated from the moralities of the western culture. Killing for money is not a crime but a respectable career in his eyes as a soldier of fortune. He lives his life with a high moral standard yet he’s unaware of the true norms of society. As he interacts more with society he learns that he has options in life that were not originally conceived. With these options come the knowledge of love and the pains from its loss. He meets individuals on his journey that subconsciously give him the direction to change his life for the better or worse.

Please go to the following links and go through the cast list.



Pick a primary and secondary character that you would like to audition for and email to the address below. In the email attach a resume, headshot and profile shot if possible. Please read carefully the requirements per character and make sure you meet what is asked. Shoot dates are semi confirmed.

The casting call will be 10am-2pm in Orlando, FL, June 14. More info will come if you meet the requirements and we will slot you in for a time block to audition.

Thank you for reading this casting call and we hope you are interested in this project.

Craig Alarie

Casting Director

Antiquity Films

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