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Casting call for a short film “Wayward” (Orlando, FL area)

Director: Confidential. Casting for a short film to be shot over 4 weekends in the months of July and August. Great script with a very experienced crew. Travel expenses, food and some lodging provided.

Character Bios

PETE STOKES: Late 20’s – early 30’s. Ruggedly handsome, looks like he could have survived some hard times. Commanding heir about him. Looks hardened by years of hard labor and jail time.

JAY KENER: Early 20’s. Mouthy, scrappy, careless. Suffers mentally from an inferiority complex. Should be the smallest of the group, but still look menacing enough to whatever it takes.

RUBEN MENDOZA: Early 30’s. Hispanic. Has definitely done hard time. Looks street bred and born. Suffers from asthma.

FORTUNE TELLER: In her 60’s. Looks like she’s seen the world over. Haggard, but still looks endearing in a revering way. Must be able to play menacing.

TWO GIRLS: mid 20’s. Attractive, but arrogant. They live in a small gypsy town. If you’re not gypsy, you’re no good. The kind of girls that could turn on you at the drop of a hat.

HOTEL ATTENDANT: Good ol’ country boy. Heavy set.

Gypsy Thugs: Three males. Pretentious. They possess the kind of ill-mannered mentality small town living breeds. Would kill for a handful of dollars.




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