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Animators, Actresses, and Writers Needed for Animated Music Video – Orlando, FL

Casting Call Details:
Casting for:
Animation developers who work in Flash CS6 with AS3 knowledge.
Traditional animators that can create frame-based animation on the Flash timeline. Basic walking sequences facing the viewer are needed and some simple animations moving props like a gun are needed.
A female vocalist and actress in her twenties, who can sing Kimbra’s part of “Somebody that you used to know” by Gotye. She will also need to have a sense of humor or have an interest in comedy.
A writer who can write comedy. The writer will need to be interested in writing comedy for the same target markets as Family Guy, South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The Project:
I am developing a parody music video based on the song, “Somebody that you used to know”. It is a video that will be used to gauge the interest of a television concept for an animated series.
I will not divulge the details in a casting call. If you are interested, I will share further information offline.

The song has been rewritten
The animated clip is ~50% complete. It has a skeleton framework with examples of the storyline and partial implementation.
It is now at a point where it can be reviewed, and the concept will be easily understood.
I am looking to take the quality of work to the next level and ideally complete the project before the summer.
The work involved is significantly larger than I can accomplish with great quality in a decent amount of time.
I am looking to offload some of the animation work, so that I can focus on producing the song, the live action portions of the video, and further develop the story.
The staff (writer, animators) will be tasked with taking the existing production and making it amazing. You are not starting from scratch. Instead I have a placeholder that you will be asked to improve.

The actress will be paid $50 for an afternoon of shooting time to video her singing
The animators will not be paid. This is a pilot that, if received very well in the YouTube market will lead to development of a TV pilot. That project will have funding attached, if necessary.
The writer will not be paid.
All appropriate credits will be provided to contributors.

About Me:
I am the Director and creator of the concept.
I have an acting and film background.
I am also an Engineer and Artist.
I have Produced three albums and several music videos.

If interested, please share your demo reel or other relevant pieces of work via the submission form below.

Casting Calls Categories: Animated Music Video Casting Calls
Audition Date: Ongoing
Project: Casting Call for Animators, Actresses, and Writers Needed for Animated Music Video
Casting Call Location: Orlando, Florida

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