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Actor/actresses needed for film in Orlando

AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD FROM JULY 9TH – 10TH. You will receive a time
slot in five minute increments. Auditions will be held near
Universal Studios in Orlando. We are filming a documentary about the
meanings of words. You can not be offended by foul language. It’s a
comedy with live action skits spread throughout the picture. This is
a low budget film. You will receive credit for the movie but no pay.
We will premier the film at a theater when completed. We already have
a letter of intent from a worldwide distributor.

With all that being said, below is the character breakdown list. If
you feel you fit one of these profiles then e-mail us a headshot and
resume. We will then e-mail you back with a time slot if available.
If you are cast you will only be needed for one day.


Santa Claus – This is an obvious description of what Santa looks like.
If you already have a costume, that’s a plus, if not okay too.

OLD MAN – We are looking for an older man in his 50’s or older. You
must have comedic timing and are able to improv. This role is in
several scenes spread throughout the film. There will be foul
language used in a comedic way.

NURSE 1 & 2 – These roles are specific to all the scenes with the Old
Man. You will be dressed sexy nurse outfits, no nudity but possible
close ups of your cleavage and back side. However, all done in a
comedic way.

College Male Druggies – 3 Typical stoner dudes. All races, sizes, etc.

English Tourist– Male actor 30-50’s.

Young Lady – American Female Tourist wearing a fanny pack.

Male & Female Couple – Any age will do. This is a non-speaking part.

Teen – 2 Teenage males 18 years old or older but look younger.

Hip Male – Male between 25 -35 dressed to go out on the town.

Partygoers – several extras for the hip male party scene.

College kid – nerdy type college kid.

Girl 1 – college age pretty girl.

Dude – smart ass college age male.

College age friends – two or three male or female college age kids.

Preacher – southern Baptist male preacher 40’s – 60’s.

Parishioner – academic male 30’s -40’s.

Wife – academic female 30’s – 40’s (non-speaking role)

Pimp – Urban style male with flamboyant attitude & gold teeth

Prostitute – early 20’s female

Husband – nerdy early 30’s male

Wife – domineering Female early 30’s

English woman – Actress with English accent early 20’s -30’s

Gentleman – American male early 20’s – 30’s

Doctor – Male with English accent

Young doctors – 3 male doctor’s late 20’s early 30’s with English accent

Female doctor – Female with English accent late 20’s early 30’s

Game show host – Male “over the top” host.

Contestant – 2 male contestants

Young wench – 10th century English wench pretty female 20’s.

Older wench – 10th century English wench female 50’s to 60’s.

Heavy set wench – 10th century English wench Female 20’s – 40’s

Town Crier – Male English accent

Old man with a cane – Male English accent 60’s +

Knight Templar and Squire – Actor strong build with Knight costume if
you have it. Squire young male 18 + that looks younger.

Heavy set male – male 30’s.

Skinny male – male 30’s.

Female – Willing to show naked breast for breast augmentation
comparison. 2 females before and after.




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