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Urgent Casting: Seeking for Full Cast for Web Mini Series – Costa Mesa, CA

Casting Call Details:
Here at Vanguard University we have the opportunity to create any and all projects with the highest quality equipment to our disposal. With that said, we are casting for a web mini series which would be shown online and can be accessed by anyone! We are planning on shooting in one whole day and will be providing meals as well. Please consider us as we are very professional students who are looking to make a high quality project.

Think about SNL, Conan, and Jimmy Kimmel. Our project goes along those lines. Brian, the host of our show has a small “low budget” talk show where he interviews guests as if he is one of the greats, such as Conan. He is confident that his show is awesome and that he truly has a talent in being a talk show host. His grandmother brings him down to reality with her one liners and eventually reveals that he in fact films inside of his home. This is a fun comedic show and really focuses on the characters bringing forth their personality.

Brian – Host / MALE / 25 TO 40
Brian is around 32 years old (subject to change). He lives at his grandmas house. He lacks true self confidence but tries hard to look like he has it going on. Comedic timing is heavily needed! He is trying to be the best host he can be under his circumstances. He is funny, and polite and somewhat of a know it all. He is passionate about what he does. He is also easily irritable.

Grandma – Series Regular / FEMALE / 60 TO 90
She is an older lady more around in the 80’s. She needs comedic timing. She is spacey, has bad hearing, and doesn’t fully understand that the show is real. She is opinionated, as well as outspoken, unashamed of anything. Nothing fazes her.

Demarcus Robertson – One Day Guest Star / MALE / 16 TO 25 / African American
He is a high school basketball player. More like a hot shot. King of his school. The star player on his team. He is outspoken, funny, has swagger, flashy personality.

Natalie Portman – Special Guest Star / FEMALE / 20 TO 35
She is kind hearted college student who happens to have the same name as the celebrity “Natalie Portman”. She volunteers at a local humain society. She is really nice and passionate about saving animals lives.

Dennis – Special Guest Star / MALE / 25 TO 40
Dennis is Brian’s pillow (the host). He loves his grandma but he does not live with them. He is around 30 and is very cocky. He is a successful extra actor and he also is a great real estate agent. He is confident and very suave.

Casting Calls Categories: Web Series Casting Calls
Audition Date: March 21, 2012, Wednesday
Project: Seeking For Full Cast For Web Mini Series
Casting Call Location: Costa Mesa, CA (orange county)

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