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Casting Male/Female Talent for Student Film – Orange County, CA

Casting Call Details:
Here at Vanguard we have the opportunity to create projects with the highest quality and with the best equipment available today. This is an inspiring story about love and appreciation. We have assembled a team of elite students who have excelled in their field as well produced some high quality work. This film will be submitted to our University Film Festival as well as being on the web. This is a great opportunity to work with very professional students who are striving to be the best in our profession. Also this is a great time to expand your portfolio.

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but it was too late? Or have you thought of something you should have done but the moment had already passed? This is a simple story about family and forgiveness. It shows how it is important to cherish the life we have been given as well as appreciate those around us, especially our family members.


Sage is a strong, motivated, intelligent young woman. She is extremely close to her family, although they are unstable. Her objective is to bring them together before its too late. She feels the burden of her family on her shoulders as she realizes that family is the most important thing to her. She is successful in life and content with herself.

Adam has a past of abuse and alcohol. He is a father, grandfather, and a lover of all things baseball. He is a wise man but also finds it hard to let others in. He regrets many things in his life but he later knows the importance of love and family but it may be too late for that. He is ill and is fighting for his life while his family is fighting to stay together.

Caiden is secure, heartwarming, genuine young man. He is a house nurse for Adam and has spent a lot of time taking care of him. He feels connected to Adam as father figure and feels sympathy for him as he knows about his family history. He is a charismatic, nice guy who has a witty side which will eventually be the love interest for Sage. He also likes sports.

Emma is a strong woman who has faced many hardships in life and has become stronger from them. She holds onto the past but tries to look at the positive of life without dealing with her negative problems. She has an unstable family and therefore affects her perception of people, which makes it harder for her to trust others. She is a beautiful woman who is unsure of love but is willing to change her life.

Young Emma is apart of the flashback, which shows the kind of life Emma had growing up. She is an intuitive, curious, sweet young girl. She sees the good in everyone but is easily disappointed. She witnesses situations in her parent’s marriage that change her view on family and her ability to trust people fully.

Younger Adam is a portrayal of Adam in his younger days as a young father. He is an alcoholic, abusive, father who lets alcohol consume him which causes him to lash out in unexpected ways. He was always the world to his one and only daughter but loses her trust when he has an episode in front of her. He is a strong man who is confident but has instability in his life.

Nellie is Adam’s wife who is a young mother who loves hard, and is a fighter. She has marriage problems but loves her husband so much that she sticks with him even through his abusive tendencies. She has an enormous heart and is so helpful and giving of herself. Her weakness, she can be seen as a doormat.

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: March 26, 2012
Project: Orange County Casting: Student Film
Casting Call Location: Costa Mesa, CA

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