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Youth, teen and adult actors needed for student film “The Slipping Stone” (New York, NY)

“The Slipping Stone” delves into the mind of a young teen, Falen, trying to cope with a tragedy. When all hope seems lost, she happens upon a mysterious object, The Slipping Stone, during a class trip to an old museum. The film explores the inner workings of Falen as she tries to understand her life while it is being completely turned around. The film puts the “angry teen” stereotype to rest as it gives the character of Falen substance and drive. ‘The Slipping Stone’ also steps into the world of a damaged mother-daughter relationship and moves forward as the tension and misunderstanding between them grows to the point of explosion. At the climax of the film, Falen makes a choice, one that only she has the power to make, one that will make or break the final outcome of these mysterious events.


Falen Calder (F/12-14/ any race) – Falen is a lanky girly with a bad attitude. She puts up a stubborn front because she is secretly hurting on the inside for her sick father. During the course of the film, her true sweet and honest personality begins to show. She goes through many emotional changes.

Gretta Calder (F/35-45/ any race) – Gretta is the sad and tired mother of a sick husband and an angry daughter. All she wants is for her family to to be happy. She tries to put up a happy front for her daughter, but she begins to crack during the course of the film.

Sasha York (F/12-14/ any race) – Sasha is Falen’s very chatty goody-too-shoes best friend. She is the only one who is aware of Falen’s secret.

Flor (F/50-70/ Hispanic) – She is a custodian in the hospital. She is honest and sweet, but speaks very little English. It is never really clear if she is some sort of guardian angel or just a very optimistic custodian.

Christopher Calder (M/35-50/ any race) – Chris is Falen’s father who has fallen off of a roof and ends up in a coma. He spends most of the film unconscious, but when he’s finally out of his coma, his expression speaks louder than any combination of words.

Ms. Jones (F/25+/ any race) – Falen’s very anal history teacher. Stuffy anf strict enforcer of the rules.

Young Boy (M/7-10/ any race) – This young boy is the first person we see in the film. His scene takes place in the 1800’s. He is the last carrier of the enchanted stone. The entire time he is on screen he is anxious and hiding from something. His face tells his story. Strong young actor.

Tour Guide (F/16-25/ any race) – She is leading a group of middle school students around a historic museum. She is very unenthusiastic and is covered in tattoos and piercings. Her character is responsible for bringing the audience into the present. (Actress does not need to be pierced and tattooed).

Doctor (M/25-60/any race) – He is Chris Calder’s doctor. Falen mistakes him for her father at one point because of a dream she has.

Students (MF/12-14/any race) – These are Falen’s classmates on their field trip to the museum. One of the boys is Falen’s crush. 6 Boys. 6 Girls.





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