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Urgent Casting: Casting Call for Short Horror Film “Eliza” – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
Casting Breakdown
Project Title: “Eliza”
Start Date: TBD
Synopsis: Physically abused and sexually exploited by her drug addicted parents, Eliza Otto seeks comfort with her only treasured possession. A brutal and traumatizing attack by her father sparks her uncanny ability. Free from captivity, Eliza embarks on a mission of vengeance. However, each use of her new- found ability puts her own life at risk. How far would she go on her quest for revenge?


ELIZA OTTO- (Late teen aged appearance)
Years of physical and sexual abuse has converted her into a timid and helpless woman. She feels defeat and accepts her fate. However, her grim outlook on life evaporates upon discovering newfound abilities. She is driven by thirst for vengeance, becomes powerful and cold blooded. Unfortunately, the gift she garnered also jeopardizes her life. This role has no dialogue, yet must be able to react with suitable facial expression.

RAMON OTTO- (Mid to late forties appearance)
Eliza’s father is an unstable brute, a violent addict with little control of his anger. His appearance is threatening both in stature and features. He keeps in captivity and sexually exploits his daughter in concert with his spouse. He has no remorse over his daughter’s treatment.

MARILYN OTTO- (Mid to late forties appearance)
Eliza’s mother is a sadistic woman who loathes the existence of her daughter. She takes pleasure in torturing and witnessing the degradation of Eliza. Drug addiction transformed her into an unkempt, bitter woman.

DEL RIO- (Mid to late forties appearance)
He is head of “The Gang”, a local band of hooligans, a small time operator who engages in drug dealing and prostitution. Cynical, manipulative and dominant best describes his authority towards others. A sickening arrangement exists between him and Eliza’s parents. He and his gang violate Eliza on a weekly basis and compensate them with narcotics.

The group consists of local street thugs and petty dealers. The characters are of various nationalities and ages.

LILLIAN (L ate twenties appearance)
She is a street wise and equally tough woman. She possesses traits of kindness and care despite being etched from street life. Unfortunate circumstances led her to her to work as a prostitute. Lillian’s good will becomes evident when she decides to assist Eliza who’s left severely weak from an assault.

Saturday, March 24th
12:30 – 4 p.m.
Hunter College, by Lex and 68th St.
Building: Hunter North, 4th Floor.
When you enter Hunter, you will have to pass through security and they will direct you to the audition room on the 4th floor.

No Pay

Casting Calls Categories: Student Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: Saturday, March 24th,
Project: Eliza Short Horror Film
Casting Call Location: New York, Brooklyn, NY

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