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Urgent Casting Call for Feature Film “Black Van” – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
Crime/Thriller Feature Film Audition Info
This is a Non-Union No Pay Indie Feature Film.
Imbd Credit & Copy will be provided.
Shooting to begin late January-Early February.

Date: January 7th (Monday) and 8th (Tuesday)
Time: 10:00am-6:00pm
Location: Newark, New Jersey

Please come prepared with a 1-2 minute Monologue.
Headshots and Resume Required.

Please confirm which date and around what time you will be coming in for auditions immediately.

Seeking for the following roles:

Black: male, Age 20-25, tall, muscular, dark skin. Actor must be able to play dual parts of soft and hard, tough and weak, shy, curious, stern.

Pokey: male. Age 20-25, average height, skinny, brown skin. Must be able to convey shyness, weakness, fear. He’s a follower.

Melody: female. Age 20-25. Average height, medium size, brown skin. Good sense of humor, sarcastic, enjoys hanging out with the guys, loves sports, an outsider.

Detective Q: male. Age 35-40. Tall, serious, focus, smart, curious, a go-getter, determined.

Detective A: female. Age 35-40. Average height. An observer, focus, intelligent, strong, sense of humor.

Russell: male. Age 25-30. Tall. Muscular. Brown skin. He was a bully in high school; he loved attention, showman, but now he’s a family man. He’s calm, quiet, loves his two kids (boy 8, girl 6), and his wife.

Paul: male. Age 25-30. Average height. Medium size. Light skin. A follower, loves to hang with Russell. He looks up to him. He likes women, sports, watching tv, playing video games.

Dan: male. Age 25-30. Tall. Muscular. Light skin. Likes to lift weights, watch football, athletic.

Tony: male. Age 25-30. Average height. Medium size. Brown skin. Loyal, sense of humor, tough, masculine, focus, goal oriented.

Luciana- Female. Age 25-30. Tall. Medium build. Latina. Long hair. Bossy, aggressive, dominating, strong, upfront, no nonsense. Violent.

Denise-Female. Age 25-30. Average height. Petite. Multi-racial. Short hair. Tough, aggressive, likes sports. She has a wild, brutal side to her. Loyal.

Jennifer-Female. Age 25-30. Tall. Dark brown. Petite. Long brown hair. Pretty. She’s bitter, talented, smart, likes to read.

Erika-Female. Age 18-20. Short. Latina. Petite. Girly, talkative, smart. Has to pass as a teenager.

Allison-Female. Age 18-20. Short. White. Petite. Quiet.

Olivia Brown-Female. Age 30-35. Medium build. Tall. Dark brown. Long black hair. Pretty eyes. Good sense of humor. Intelligent. Enjoys conversating. She has a seventeen year old daughter named Angel whom she loves.

Shakira- Female. Age 25-30. Short. Fit. Pretty. Light skin. Small build. Sexy. Short length brown hair. She’s a dancer in a club. Friendly. Cautious. Street smart.

Nina-Female. Age 20-25. Tall. Thin. Cute. Long hair. Dresses fancy, flamboyant, self-centered. Loves to shop for clothes.

Florence-Female. Age 20-25. Tall. Medium size. Brown skin.Cute. Long hair. Self-centered. Loves to shop for clothes and jewelry. Sarcastic. Full of pride.

Cherry-Female. Age 20-25. Short. Medium build. Brown skin. Pretty. Sexy. Flirtatious. Bold.

Laura- Female. Age 25-30. Average height. Small build. Dark skin. Attractive. Loves her husband Russell and her two kids (Ben, 8; Roxy, 6), friendly, social, intelligent, talented.

Husband- Age 30-35. Average height. Husky. Brown skin. Quiet. Enjoys cooking and reading and watching television. Hard worker. Married to Detective A.

Asian girl-Age 19-25. Short. Cute. Petite. She’s a kidnapped victim.

Angel Brown- Age 17-19. Average height. Pretty. Thin. Dark brown. Short hair. Smart. Likes school. Loves her mom. Friendly, generous, acts older than her age. Olivia Brown’s daughter.

Chief of Police. Male. Age 45-50. Short. Chubby. Kind. Serious. Looks older than what he is. Rugged. Approachable. Married. Has children.

Lieutenant-Male. Age 30-35. Tall. Broad shoulders. By the book kind of guy. Smart. Enjoys his job. Married. Has children.

Ryan-Male. Age 35-40. Short. Heavyset. Caucasian. He’s a carpenter.

Brownie-Male. Age 20-25. Average height. Dark brown. Small build. Rhythm and Blues singer. Soulful voice. Conceited. Hardworker. Handsome.

Trevor-Male. Age 19-22. Tall, handsome. Light skin. Nice smile. Small build. Athletic. Smart student. Likes to hang out with his buddies.

Mr. Robeson-Male. Age 45-55. Tall. Brown skin. Handsome older man. Hard worker. Dan’s father. Quiet. Isn’t that close with his son.

Erika’s mom-Female. Age 40-50. Average height. Latina. Quiet. Kind. Long brown hair. Loves to cook.

Older man-Male. Age 50-60. Average height. Thin. Known around the neighborhood. Talkative, kind, generous, loves to listen to the news. He loves politics.

Cashier-male. Age 30-35. Average height. Small build. Friendly. Street smart.

Waiter-female. Age 20-25. Average height. Petite. Kind. Hard worker. Patient.

Gas station worker-male. Age 30-35. Average height. Nice. Enjoys his job. Serious.

Basketball guy #1-male. Age 25-30. Tall. Any ethnicity. Muscular. Athletic. Loves basketball. Good player.

Ai’isha-Detective Q’s daughter. Female. Brown skin. Age 19-25. Very youthful looking. Innocent look in her eyes. We just see a portrait of her.

Pizzeria worker-male. Age 30-35. Any ethnicity. Aggressive. No nonsense guy. Good cook, loves his pizzeria.

Luciana’s TWO male friends-age 25-30. Any ethnicity. Tall, husky, broad shoulders. Mean looks, aggressive, tough, very manly.

Cops in uniform (6) male and female.

Club goers (ages 22-28) (good dancers, attractive)

A taxi driver and his cab

Luciana’s co-workers- 2 GUYS, 1 WOMAN-age-25-30. Any ethnicity. Pleasant. Kind. Dresses well.

Luciana’s SON. Male. Age 19-25. Handsome. Small build. Not muscular. Good son. Loves his mom. Likes comic books and drawing. Very good artist.

Paul’s GIRLFRIEND-female. Age 25-30. Pretty. Dresses well. Loves Paul. Committed. Kind, loves to laugh and have fun.

See you all at auditions!

Happy New Year 2013!


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Audition Date: Jan.7th & 8th
Project: “Black Van”
Casting Call Location: Newark, New Jersey

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