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Untitled Alex Susse Qualifying Film (Brooklyn, NY)


An awkward, disconnected man works at a newspaper writing obituaries, a backup to his failed aspirations of being a novelist. Depressed about his situation and failing to see the point in life, he considers committing suicide just as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him had done when feeling that their respective lives had gone awry. While pondering this, he forms an unlikely connection with his assistant, forcing him to re-evaluate whether or not he’s as alone as he’s believed.


Nathan: Male, 30-45, Any Ethnicity

Nathan grew up with suicide being a present idea in his mind, hearing stories about his great-grandfather and grandfather committing suicide before he was born, and eventually dealing with the suicide of his father firsthand. He’s grown to consider that he may very well be committing suicide himself one day, and thus has grown callous to the emotional states of others.

He looks at the world clinically- things either are a way, or they’re not. He’s fascinated by the reasons that people are driven to suicide, but cannot accurately replicate the emotional intensity that he observes. Possibly a bit of a sociopath, Nathan has the bare minimum of interaction with others.

He’s not without emotion all together, but his relationship with his own emotions is observatory at best- he feels an emotion, and acts accordingly, but the expression is dulled by the fact that he’s so fascinated by the experience of being able to put a finger on an emotion at all.

Nathan works at The Weekly Crier as the obituary writer. He hates his job, having wanted to be a novelist. He wrote a book, which has been rejected from several different publishing companies.

Physically, Nathan’s features are ideally dark and angular. Not a requirement for submission, though.

Alison: Female, 18-25, Any Ethnicity

Alison comes from a suburban life and latch-key parents. In high school she was an outcast because she wasn’t interested in any of the same things that her peers were- while they chatted about boys and makeup, she loved fantasy literature and stuffed animals. She wanted to make friends, and she tried, but all her efforts were in vain. As for the attention of boys, while her looks garnered more than her fair share, she was far more interested in people liking her. She used sex to this extent for a short time, but began to feel empty inside.

This, combined with her inability to connect to her peers, drove her to attempt suicide in her junior year of high school. After failing and recovering, Alison transferred to a new school to finish her high school diploma, where she met one or two people she got along with as long as she maintained an upbeat personality regardless of how she actually felt.

In college she realized that what she wanted to do was be a journalist, and so she applied for an internship at The Weekly Crier. There she was placed in the obituary section as an assistant to Nathan.

This role will require special effects makeup, to be discussed later. Please note when submitting if you have any known allergies to special effects makeup products, such as latex.





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