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“To Be Or Not To Be” – Equity Principal Auditions

To Be Or Not To Be – Equity Principal Auditions

Manhattan Theatre Club LORT $1,207/week minimum.
1st rehearsal: August 7, 2008. Runs September 11 – October 2 at the Biltmore Theatre (Broadway).

Adapted from the classic Ernst Lubitsch film. Backstage comedy about a troupe of actors in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation. Through a madcap series of misunderstandings, misrepresentations and intentional subterfuge, the magic of theatre triumphs over the evils of the Third Reich.

Josef Tura: Mid 40s – late 50s, Polish. Leading actor of the Polski Theatre Troupe. A star turn. Great charm, warmth, charisma and comic chops. A leading man with the soul of a character actor who can deliver a soliloquy and a pratfall with equal aplomb. Some in the troupe might call him a ham.

Dowasz: Mid 50s – 60s, Polish. Director of the troupe. A classic artist’s temperament often curmudgeonly and superior, but passionate about the theatre. Has great belief in the power of his art and boundless enthusiasm for it. Warm and energetic, with a great ability to rally the troops when the chips are down.

Anna: Mid 40s – 50s. The costume and properties mistress, as well as the voice of reason. Maria’s confidante and the troupe’s mother hen. Pragmatic but warm. A dry wit.

Eva Zagatewska: 30s, Polish. Ingénue who is two or three (or four or five) days past her prime. Sexy, but not necessarily beautiful. A bit off-kilter, with a surprising combination of forthrightness and insecurity. Is she a dim bulb, or is she in on the joke? Good comic chops.

Grunberg: 50s. The older character actor in the troupe. Austrian Jewish Émigré. Rueful, soulful, intellectual, but not without wit. Lots of heart and integrity.

Sobinsky: Early – late 20s. Polish air force pilot. Very handsome, very virile and very young. Madly in love with Maria, and extremely earnest in his wooing of her. Boyish and ardent innocent who nonetheless knows his way around an airplane and a few other things as well.

Colonel Erhard: 60s, German. Most powerful Nazi in Warsaw. A big man of big appetites. Everything about him is outsized. Boisterous, cheerful, pompous, kind of a slob. Sort of a Nazi Falstaff. But able to turn dangerous on a dime. Has taken a shine to Maria, and his attempts to woo her are as repulsive as they are absurd.

Silewski / Magician’s Assistant: 40s/50s. Silewski: German Nazi. Menacing, predatory, a little elegant. Maybe even a little sexy, but in a dangerous way. Sharp and observant, with an unkind sense of humor. Magician’s Assistant: In fairly convincing drag.

Walowski / Major Schweinlich / USAF Officer: Late 30s – early 40s. Strong physical presence; broad and buff a plus. Walowski: Polish. From the government censor’s office. On the take. Ordinary guy. Major Schweinlich: German. A Nazi torturer. Zealous and humorless. Scary. USAF Officer: Besotted young American theatergoer.

Young Grunberg: Age 10-ish, Jewish. Son of Grunberg. Hangs around the theatre as an apprentice/mascot. Must deliver Shylock’s Hath not a Jew eyes speech, so facility with language is a plus. Adorable-ness also a plus but not a showbiz kid.

The following two roles of Maria Tura are cast. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.

Maria Tura: CAST.

Rowicz: CAST. 40s, Polish. The company’s second banana actor. Has German blood and thinks this will be his saving grace in the face of the Nazis whom he doesn’t consider that serious of a threat anyway. An intellectual lightweight.

Friday, April 25, 2008
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Lunch from 1 – 2
Actors’ Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Please prepare a brief comic monologue.

Author: Nick Whitby (from the film directed by Ernst Lubitsch, screenplay by Edwin Justus Mayer and Melchior Lengyel)
Director: Casey Nicholaw
Casting: David Caparelliotis

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