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South Jersey Films: Casting call for “The Pineland Murders”

Burlington County, NJ

“The Pineland Murders”
South Jersey Films

This film about three couples who enter the woods for a weekend camping trip and find themselves facing a sadistic killer.

Team plans to shoot June to July in S. Jersey.


Laura: 18-25, Jake’s cheating wife, will come on to any man at any time, dresses very provocatively

Jake: a veteran of the Iraq war suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, having an affair with Tisa

Carl: 18-30, frustrated because his wife Cynthia is away from home so much

Cynthia: being trained in selling insurance by Laura

Jeff: 18-30, very much in love with Linda

Linda: a nurse, discovers she’s pregnant

Tisa: 18-30, having an affair with Jake, promoted to office manager over Laura

Peggy: 18-30, private detective who works for the Fox Agency; follows the group into the woods to see if Cynthia is having an affair

Nathan Fox: 25-50, owner of the private detective agency

Shiela: 18-30, Peggy’s friends who accompany her into the woods, drinks too much;

Denise: 18-30, Peggy’s friends who accompany her into the woods

Hitchhiker: male or female,18-30, in the wrong place at the wrong time

Female: 18-30, poisoned by an off-camera killer.

Auditions TBD (early June). Email pic/resume for appointment to southjerseyfilms@aol.com. Visit us at southjerseyfilms.com. Tel 856-287-8240.

Pay for all roles.

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