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Seeking voice talent for “Little Miss Muffet’s Monster-Sitting Service” (Manhattan, NY)

Project: Little Miss Muffet’s Monster-Sitting Service
Casting Calls Category: Voice Over
Location: Manhattan, NY

Casting Call Details:

“Little Miss Muffet’s Monster-Sitting Service”

This is an original marionette show, written and directed for the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park. Fun for the whole family! It follows the exploits of 6 year old Molly Muffet, the great great great great great granddaughter of the original Little Miss Muffet, and her supposed business venture babysitting the neighborhood monsters. The show is full of fun and silly characters, all of whom need recorded voices. The production will run for a full year starting in January, 2012.

Please remember to include contact info.
Please include 4 bars from an appropriate song of your choice.

#1 Molly Muffet: A six year old girl, very brave and very smart for her age. We are looking for a girl within the age range of 6-12 years old. Looking for someone with musical theatre/acting experience. Character is very energetic and bright. Must be able to sing.

Eat a grasshopper?! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww!!! No way!

Well nothing yet. Cuz you haven’t told me! Sometimes when my Mom says I’m being a little monster, she makes a cup of tea and we talk about our feelings. Would that help?

What? Is there a reason I should be scared? Are you gonna try to eat me? Oh no you don’t! I’m not gonna get eaten by any monster!


#2 Aloisius Albrecht Alviss Spider (Al): A six foot tall, very very old spider. The original spider that sat down beside her in the old nursery rhyme. The age need not be overdone. Just very classy, and very british. Must also be able to sing.

I’m not a monster Molly Muffet! I am a spider. A very very very old Spider. There is absolutely nothing unnatural about a spider growing this large. All it takes is time, proper diet and exercise, and very fast legs.

Relax child I’m not going to eat you. I conform to a very strict diet of chocolate covered grasshoppers most of the time. They’re lovely in a warm fondue.

#3 Dr. BooBoo: A mad scientist who also happens to be a small monkey. Think Tarsir or Bushbaby. German accent (of course). Not high pitched. Ironically, a normal human speaking voice. Just that of a middle aged, German mad mad mad scientist. A ridiculous character. Sings a bit.

Dr. Booboo:
Nein! Ze only truly intellighent being on ze planet Ears is se monkey! Und serefore, I am going to take it back from ze Humans!

Dr. BooBoo::
Sat’s Dr. Booboo to you! I am se greatest scientific mind in das weld! Come along now you big baby. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to conduct a few experiments on your brains und other places you don’t need to know about right now….

Send your recordings (mp3 format) and contact info by October 10th 2011.

You will be notified about callbacks to be held mid-October.

Casting Calls Categories: Voice Over Casting Calls
Audition Date: Selected Callbacks in Mid October
Project: Little Miss Muffet’s Monster-Sitting Service
Location: Manhattan, NY

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