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Seeking performers for the production of “The Orphans’ Home Cycle”

Seeking performers for the production of “The Orphans’ Home Cycle”.
Notes from Equity: Hartford Stage, Signature Theatre’s co-producer, will hold Equity Principal Auditions for its 2009-10 season (including THE ORPHANS’ HOME CYCLE) on April 10, 2009. All Equity Principal Auditions for this co-production will be held before any appointment auditions begin.

CONCESSION: Equity has granted an auditions concession to Signature Theatre Company. Equity Members may request a copy of the concession’s full text from the Equity Auditions Department.

Signature Theatre Company Off-Broadway Currently $525/week minimum.

Co-production with Hartford Stage, Hartford CT (LORT B, currently $750/week minimum; see “Notes from Equity” below).

1st rehearsal: June 30, 2009. Announced run at Hartford Stage: September 3 – October 24.
Announced run at Signature Theatre Company: November 5, 2009 – April 11, 2010.

The cycle, set in the small town of Harrison, TX in the early 20th Century, follows Horace Robedaux from His father’s early death (when Horace is ten) through Horace’s coming-of-age as a husband and father. This work is adapted by the author from his “Orphans’ Home Cycle,” consisting of nine full-length plays: ROOTS IN A PARCHED GROUND, CONVICTS, LILY DALE, THE WIDOW CLAIRE, COURTSHIP, VALENTINE’S DAY, 1918, COUSINS and THE DEATH OF PAPA.


Theatre’s casting notes: “The cycle is a co-production with Hartford Stage. All roles will be cast for both Theatres. The work consists of three parts, each a three-act play, performed in repertory by an ensemble company. All actors cast will play multiple roles. All actors must have a feel for a Southern accent and small-town life in the early 20th Century.”

Horace Robedaux (Older) / Paul Horace: Caucasian man, 20s – 30s. Horace Robedaux (Older): A poor, simple and kind man. It is his story we follow through the play’s spine. Paul Horace: Kind man. At the end of his rope. Has had a life filled with sadness, as drinking got the best of him. Lawyer. Wants the best for his son.

Elizabeth Robedaux: Caucasian woman, 27 – 35. Runs away with Horace. A gentle caring heart. Never has gotten over the death of her first child.

Mrs. Vaughn / Asa Vaughn: Caucasian woman, 50s – 60s. Mrs. Vaughn: Tries to see the good in people, especially in Brother Vaughn. Constantly disappointed. Asa: Spoiled. A slut. Foul-mouthed.

Brother Vaughn / Val Stanton: Caucasian man, 30 – 40. Brother: A drunk. Always getting into trouble; can’t be trusted. Charming; we root for him. Val: Mean. A bully. Thinks he can solve problems with his fist. A drunk.

Mr. Vaughn / Mr. Ritter: Caucasian man, 55 – 70. Mr. Vaughn: Strict father. Eventually respects Horace. Mr. Ritter: A drunk. Worked as the boarder for Paul and Corella.

Corella Davenport (Older): Caucasian woman, 40s – 60s. Has become saddened over the years. Full of regret.

Lily Dale (Older): Caucasian woman, 20s – 30s. Her charmed and spoiled childhood has turned to bitterness as she has aged.

Claire Ratliff / Minnie Curtis: Caucasian female, 17 – 20s. Claire Ratliff: Kind woman. Has had a hard past and has much regret. Just wants to be loved and for her children to be happy. Minnie: Has a peculiar disposition; sensitive, gets feelings hurt without reason.

Horace Robedaux (Younger) / Horace Jr. / Buddy: Caucasian boy, age 12. Horace (Younger): Cast off into world after his father dies. Sensitive and articulate. Horace Jr.: Always reading. A very curious boy. Buddy: Wild boy. Imaginative. Looks up to Horace.

Pete Davenport / Bobby Pate: Caucasian man, 40s. Pete: Stern businessman. Protective of Lily Dale. Hates Horace. Bobby: Small man who drinks. A bit of a mama’s boy. Heartbroken since his wife left him.

Jackson Hall / Walter: African American man, 55. Jackson: Hardworking and loyal. Walter: Tough man with a strong heart.

Ed Corday: Caucasian man, 30s – early 40s. Gambler. Always asking for money. Drinks a lot.

Felix Barclay / Monty Reeves: Caucasian man, 40s. Felix: Gambler. Doesn’t like spending money on women; likes being single. Good friend to Horace. Monty: Rich. Tries to help Horace. Smart businessman.

George Tyler / Lewis Higgins: Caucasian man, 40s – 50s. George: Willing to help friends as much as he can. By the end, his life has gone a bit awry. Likable – a soft touch. Lewis: A drunk. A moral person, but his drinking gets in the way. Likes to swear.

Horace Robedaux (Middle) / Lloyd: Caucasian male, 12 – 14. Horace (Middle): Curious about the world. Makes friends easily. Trying to earn money for father’s gravestone. Lloyd: A curious boy. Wanders around with Horace.

Leroy Kendricks / Sam Goldman: African American man, 20s – early 30s. Leroy: Tough man, but deep down he’s good. Always finds ways to get into trouble. Sam: Gravedigger. Nice fellow. Likes to talk and gossip. Always trying to be helpful.

Sally Robedaux / Ruth Amos: Caucasian woman, 40s – 60s. Sally: Concerned for Horace. Tries to help out as much as possible. Ruth: Kind woman. Works with Horace and lives alone.

Will Kidder / Archie: Caucasian man, 25 – 35. Will: Tall, well-built. Very sure of himself. Marries Lily Dale. Archie: “Ladies’ man.” Gambler. Always wants to party or play cards.

Martha Johnson / Eliza: African American woman, late 40s. Martha: Hardworking. Has a keen wit. Eliza: Kind woman. Helps the family very much. Has seen much in her days.

Ben Johnson / Sylvester Malone: African American man, 45. Ben: Comes from a family of slaves. Works very hard. Sylvester: Trying to pay back a debt to Horace. Honest man.

Lily Dale (Younger) / Molly: Caucasian girl, age 9 – 10. Lily (Younger): Pretty girl who everyone adores and fawns over. Silly, flighty, vain, self-centered. Molly: Funny little girl. Naïve. Has a crush on Horace.

Gertrude: African American woman, 18. Finds a connection with Horace Jr. Wants to try to make something of herself in life.

Equity Principal Auditions: Monday, April 13 & Tuesday, April 14, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM both days (Lunch from 1 – 2) @ Signature Theatre Company’s Peter Norton Space, 555 West 42nd Street (between 10th and 11th Aves)

Please prepare a brief contemporary monologue.
Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

Artistic Director: James Houghton
Associate Artistic Director: Beth Whitaker
Author: Horton Foote
Director: Michael Wilson
General Manager: Adam Bernstein
Casting Director: Telsey + Company

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