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Seeking Male & Female Talent for Theater – New York, NY

Casting Call Details:
Pays: $393 min./wk. Equity Mini Contract.

Location: NYC

June 28th in New York, NY.

Rehearsals begin Sept. 2; previews begin Sept. 30; runs Oct. 11-26

Male, ages 20-29, All Ethnicities
Boyfriend: handsome, hip, super smooth, friendly; born of the township streets; hawkish and a player; ladies man; not quite a thug. Respects the family; woos older sister.

Female, ages 20-29, All Ethnicities
Girlfriend (Older Sister): infectious in her looks, rather sassy and flirtatious, but respectful; wooed by Boyfriend; endearing; enjoys the independence away from the family; close to her mother, but it’s all a bit tempestuous as she grows into her own.

Female, ages 13-19, All Ethnicities
Junior Sister: obedient and committed to the family; strong sense of her history; playful yet serious; beginning to see glimmers of independence; a questioner. Fiercely loyal to Older Sister.

Female, ages 55-66, All Ethnicities
Mum: no-nonsense; proud; she runs the kitchen in the house and that’s that; proud of her daughters; tough on her husband; close to her mother; really-really strong emotionally; determined to instill importance of history in family.

Male, ages 55-66, All Ethnicities
Dad: hard worker, tired, by work and life; obedient to his wife but can occasionally get his digs in; a little mournful about the world outside; longs for more; works hard to provide.

Female, ages 70-89, All Ethnicities
Grandmother: mater familias of the group; compassionate caregiver; extraordinary cook who taught the younger women what they know; buffeted from the hard world outside by the kitchen and home; mostly speaks for her husband.

Male, ages 70-89, All Ethnicities
Grandfather: amused by his family to no end; kindly but can be erratically tart on occasion; oblivious to the present and the world outside but might be having a hard time remembering the past; a bit cocky about his lost youth; dutiful to his wife and still deeply in love with her. So proud of his family.

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Paid Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: June 28, 2014
Project: Male & Female for Theater in New York, NY
Casting Call Location: New York, NY

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