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Seeking female martial artists, 70’s style punks, bizarre characters for video shoot

Wanted: Female Martial Artists (will settle for attractive women who look
believable in Asian martial arts gear) for video shoot. Having your
own martial arts gear (and a sense of humor and the absurd) will be

Female Punks, late 1970’s style (think a female Sex Pistols) to
portray Jenny Rancid’s punk band, the Screw Rifles. English accent
useful but not necessary. Must have own wardrobe and makeup. Bizarre,
multi-colored hair highly desireable. (no musical talent required,
this is not a musical gig)

Background: attendees of an underground floating “Combat Twister”
match. Seeking bizarre, unusual, unique characters; Pro wrestlers,
Punks, Metalheads, Goths, Gangsta Rap types and Fly Girls, fetish
types, cowboys, sports fans, absurd and non-sequitor characters, and
a few “normal” people just to mix things up.

The scene is a showdown between Kim Fu Yu and Jenny Rancid in an
underground floating “Combat Twister” match. The “Female Martial
Artists” will be backing up Kim Fu Yu, an aggressive, man-hating
version of Uma Thurman’s character from “Kill Bill.” It will be
bizarre. It will be absurd. It will be unforgettable. It is being
shot with the help of the Halloween Adventure Costume Shop and Dana
Sterling, founder of “Disco Crisco Twister,” and is a project of
Captain Zorikh, Watch This Space, and Action For Hire. Plans for
screenings at local bars, comic book conventions. And entry to
festivals are being made. You can see another scene in the conflict
between Kim Fu Yu and Jenny Rancid at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xodPhbxFTws and more about the characters at

The shoot is scheduled for Sunday, November 2, from about 4-7 PM. It
will take place in the Halloween Adventure Costume Shop in Times
Square. There will be some physical action, so the ability to take a
controlled fall (on a padded surface) will be necessary for a few

Also seeking PA’s, AD’s, and other miscellaneous volunteer help.
Send pix (in character/costume, if possible) and resume to

This is a low/no budget production. No pay, but copy of a final
product, credit, pizza, and invite to screenings.

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