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Seeking actors for Untitled Non-Union Short Film

Illuminating Monsters is casting a Caucasian female 18-25, young, sure
of herself but has the intuition to know when she needs to react.

The story takes place late at night as a a women walks down to catch a
train. She is the only person in the station as she peers over the
ledge to see if she can see the train coming. She takes a seat on the
bench then eventually walks over to peer over the ledge, she notices a
figure in the way distance. The camera becomes static as the character
comes closer. She becomes nervous. (THIS IS NOT A HORROR FILM SHORT)
Its mean to provoke patience in the audience as well as suspense.

Shooting in Brooklyn in February (1 night)

Shoot in January-February
Pay $250 for spec

Email: mruizunger@yahoo.com

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