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Seeking actors for two-minute teaser pilot

SAG Ultra-Low Budget Film Agreement Film “Shelter”
Ramirez Pictures is casting an on-spec, two-minute teaser pilot shot on DV for “Shelter”, an hour-long episodic series centered on the turbulent life and mysterious past of a homeless man.

Young Warren: male, 20-30, African-American, has light eyes
Older Warren: male, 30-50, African-American, has light eyes
Martha: female, 20-32, Latina or African-American, very attractive, Warren’s dead wife
Lex: male 20-40, African-American, heavy-set, Warren’s former business partner.
Note: No nudity whatsoever.

Email photos/resume to cecchinicasting@yahoo.com to audition (4/13)Deferred pay
Shoots April 21 & 22 in NYC, Bronx, and Yonkers.

Location: New York, NY

Contact: cecchinicasting@yahoo.com

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