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Seeking actors for student film “Screwball”

Screwball – Non Union Student Film
Director: Patterson Keller JR.
Joe is detained under provisions of the Patriot act for a half day.
Joe realizes he will never be given an explanation what happened and must live with that. This brings up large implications about how he feels about America.

Father who arrives in second wave to look after his son. This part has no speaking parts but is important in showing feelings of Joe. Caucasian 60+

Mother who arrives in second wave to look after her son. Caucasian 60+

Susan, guidance counsellor Joe has gone to after the incident. Caucasian 40’s

Betty Kelly, 49 year old lawyer. Joe’s hero who has turned into a disappointment after her big moment in his eyes. Hispanic

Kathryn, 49 sister who flies out to stay with younger brother. Caucasian

Joe, 41 year old contractor that worked for the Defence Intelligence Agency. Caucasian

Patterson Keller JR
310 East 4TH ST. #5D
New York NY 10009

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