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Seeking actors for SAG Low Budget Film “A New War”

SAG Low Budget Film Agreement.
A New War, a short film about eight highly trained female soldiers who are sent on a daring secret mission to assassinate the one man who stands in everyone’s way for the right to be human. Ronald Armstrong, dir.;

Zoie: female, 30-35, Caucasian, sergeant, strong, motherly
Hope: female, Caucasian, quiet, beautiful, has an inner strength about her
Phoenix: female, 20-25, African-American, stubborn, strong, speaks her mind, has leadership qualities
Melons: female, 20-25, any ethnicity, very gung-ho, ready to jump into battle
Joker: female, 20-25, any ethnicity, expert at hand to hand combat, very physical
Easy: 20-25, any ethnicity, medic, very sexual, takes care of business
Krazy: female, 20-25, any ethnicity, quiet, not right in the head, has seen too much in her lifetime
Sweetness: female, 20-25, any ethnicity, cute, innocent, smart
Father: male, 40-60, any ethnicity, scientist
Father’s Assistant: 40s, any ethnicity
Four Clone Soldiers: any ethnicity
Matthew: male, any ethnicity.

Note: Actors must be prepared to undergo basic physical and firearm training for the film.

Email: wiab.casting@gmail.com for auditions with pics/res.

Deferred pay, plus copy, credit, and meals provided.

RKA Cinema Creations

Shoots Dec. 6-13 in NYC and NJ.

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