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Seeking actors for NY Film Academy short film

SEEKING 3 leads, 5 principle roles, gang members, principle extras. Seeking actors from all ethnicities

DAVE (mid 20s) He is intense, in touch with his dark side. Thrill seeker, determined and fearless. Tragic hero. Hides his sensitivity and vulnerability to fit in with the other gang members. He has a very shady past. He has been into drugs business at a very young age and also spent a good part of his life in jail. His family disowned him. The only good thing that happened to him is Angela. Impatient and seeks revenge against gang leader Rosario for introducing to the gun.

ANGELA (mid 20s) Attractive and appealing. Warm spirited and kind. Nurturing and caring person. She is the voice of reason to her boyfriend’s. Compassionate, charismatic and gentle. Loyal and the most stable force in Dave’s life. She loves Dave very much and knows about his past and brought a change in him through her love.

ROSARIO (30s) Gang leader. He’s been in the business through out his life. Street smart. Cold with a cruel edge, becomes Dave’s mentor. Can be charming but there’s always something menacing behind it. Disregards people he has no use for or sees as a threat. Wise, direct and tough. Physically imposing. Hefty build a plus

NICK (Early 20s) Member of Rosario’s gang. Sleazy and egotistical. Vicious. Crude humor. Vulgar and blunt, often puts his foot in his mouth.

BRUCE (Mid 30s) Enemy of Rosario. Tired of living in Rosario’s shadow and eventually walks out on Rosario. Ambitious, power hungry and ruthless. Selfish and only wants to save his own neck. Stocky character.

Mike (Early 30s) Former member of Rosario’s gang. Walked out on Rosario and joins Bruce. Tough, slick and morally corrupt.

JOE (Early 20s) Gang member. Manipulative and conniving.

HENRY (Late 30s) Gang member. Arrogant and cynical.

GANG MEMBERS (mid 20s-mid 30s) They are threatening, rowdy, unpredictable and abusive. Intimidating to anyone who comes in contact with them.


Compensation: food, travel for NYC actors, copy of reel, payment deferred for Sag/Sag Eligible

Audition Dates:
Thursday, September 4, 2008
Friday, September 5, 2008

Rehearsal: Week of before Sept. 22
Shoot Dates: Sept. 29 through Oct 6th

Submit pic/resume via email: kill4ucasting@gmail.com

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